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Casava or Manioc Tuber Root ( Yuca )

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Definition: An African Indigenious Tuber Root which had travelled throughout most of The Amazon in  South America, it is called Manioc in English or Casava, its Latin name.


In Spanish, Yuca is quite a common starchy tuber type vegetable which is fairly large, like a small thick tree branch or club and very waxy thick skin. It is prized for its flour in Brazil and Peru.


The Cubans love fried Yuca or Yuca in Mojo, fresh squeezed lime, olive oil and garlic sauce. It is common amongst these people, to make a nourishing milk of Yuca for their children and combine two of rare tubers, called Malanga, a hairy looking hooked Yuca type sweet tuber and Ñame, a milky tuber which is rather a large ugly, rough coarse covered oval tuber.    




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