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Foyot sauce

Foyot Sauce


A variation on the Bearnaise sauce made by adding glace de viande. This sauce is usually served with meat but can be used for other plating.
(a.k.a. Valois sauce)


                                                                                      Sauce Foyot and other thoughts :

                                                     Glace de veau Viande, Espagnole, Demi-Glace


                                                                                 Sauce Foyot.bmp

Comments (2)

Sounds very classic and tasty. I think this would be good over roasted/grilled artichokes.
Yes indeed. It is the type of sauce that lends itself well to alot of dishes. Nothing beats a great tasting sauce on grilled artichokes.
ChefTalk.com › Cooking Terms › Foyot sauce