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Maki Sushi For Dummies, Like ME!!

When we travel, I like to bring back very different things as souvenirs.

On our recent trip to Hawaii, I brought back a mold for Maki Sushi and powdered Sushi Seasoning mix.  I had seen these the last time that we were back home, but passed them by at the time.

This morning I was clearing out the refrigerator and I was going to put a half of a pot of cooked white rice into the freezer.  We eat steamed Calrose or sticky rice (I think it’s a medium grain) with many of our meals.

DING!  Why not try out my new toy?


I heated the rice back up in the microwave and sprinkled some of the powdered Sushi Seasoning over it and gave it a mix.  By using the powder instead of Seasoned Rice Vinegar, this keeps the Sushi Rice from getting too wet.

I had an English Cucumber that I julienned into lengths that were about the same as the sheets of Nori that I always have in the pantry.

Okay, let’s assemble.



The instructions on the back of the package of the Sushi press are in Japanese characters; fortunately, illustrations too, thank goodness.

This couldn’t be any easier. 


The mold is a plastic sphere cut in two.  I found after my first attempt that it was best to run the mold under water to insure non-stickage.

I filled one half of the mold with the room temp rice, placed the sliced of veg on top.


I then put it into a third piece that has higher sides and filled it to the top with more rice, pressing it down with moist fingers; with the other half of that spherical mold, press firmly.   


Lay a Nori Sheet, shiny side down, onto a piece of plastic wrap on the counter; unmold the now round rice-log out onto the edge of the sheet closest to you and roll the log up, like a cigar.  I wet my finger again to moisten the farthest edge of the Nori so that it would adhere to itself. 


Slice and serve.


It’s probably at this point that you’re asking yourself, “Yeah, so what?  Why didn’t she just use a sushi mat?”

I have tried for YEARS to roll Maki Sushi with horrible results.  I’m not sure if it’s that I have such little hands; my husband teases me that our 13 year Niece is bigger than me.  But, whatever the reason, I’ve tried and have found my solution. 

I feel in the process, I’ve created a Sushi Monster.  My husband wolfed down the two rolls that I finished and asked where the rest were.  Well, that’s all the cooked rice that I had on hand, to which his retort was… PLEASE MAKE MORE!!








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Thank you for your post ^_^ It was very informative and helpful. It gives me hope since I am a sushi dummy too xD
going to try this using this article as my guide. Thanks!!
I teach a simple sushi technique to some of my customers. It's for making oshi sushi, which is simple sushi pressed into a mold, extracted, then cut into squares or rectangles. It is super easy. You take some sort of squarish mold, like a Ziploc entree size snap top container, and you line the inside with plastic wrap. Next you layer in your "fillings", which are really on the top of this style of sushi rather than in the middle as with maki. Next, you put on your nori, cut roughly into the shape of the mold. Lastly, you press in your sushi rice until all the ingredients are well packed. Cover the mold with an upside down plate and flip it so the contents come out. They will come out easy since you lined the mold with plastic. All you do from there is cut it into sections and garnish. Super easy.
Brandon, that sounds just like Spam Musubi that we make in Hawaii!
Brandon, p.s. - I pulled out one of my cook books Easy Sushi by Emi Kazuko and looked up oshi or pressed sushi, yup, that how we make Musubi in Hawaii, just one thing thouhg, we don't 'season' the rice
Where can I purchase this item or a like item on the mainland (Los Angeles)?
It just takes lots of practice. Left home without my sushi roller and made some last night by rolling it using a gallon size zip loc bag. Your sushi look great.
Thanks DreamWeaver, this is VERY much cheating, but I just can't get the hang of that rolling.
AppetiteDesign, we go to Marukai alot, not sure if there's one near you, take a look.
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