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On the Road with Dega Catering and the Dave Matthews Band

  When the kitchen is always in motion, how do you feed one of the biggest bands in the world? Dega Catering is the long-running food crew charged with fueling the Dave Matthews Band as the group snakes its way across the country during their nearly annual summer concert tours. Feeding the band members, riggers, drivers, stagehands, sound technicians and guests with restaurant quality food can be daunting. Executing the food that is befitting the demands of a rigorous tour schedule is a feat all its own. Fold in the desire to minimize a negative environmental impact,... read more

Fourth of July: What Would George Eat?

Tomorrow people around the country will celebrating the anniversary of the USA's birth as a country.  In today's culinary tradition many of these good folks will fire up their grills and cook up the grilling season's standards such as burgers or hot dogs.  For the more "adventurous" types some chicken or even sausages might find their way onto the grill.  I myself will be cooking up some tasty fajitas.  But have you ever stopped to consider what food was consumed during the pre-colonial and post independence United States?  The stuff they ate was very different than... read more

How to add a culinary school to ChefTalk.com

Learn how to: Add A New Culinary School To The Database Edit A Culinary School Description Add A New Image To A Culinary School Page Edit Specs Edit Links Edit A Culinary School Wiki   Add A New Culinary School To The Database We do our best to add a good number of culinary schools, but undoubtedly we've missed a few.  Thank you for your help in making the listings more complete!   Click the "Add Item" Button.  Once you're in your desired culinary school category, first check to make sure the product you want to add isn't there.  If it's missing, look over... read more

Culinary School Review Contest

Culinary School Review Contest Read below to find out how you can win one of three amazing prizes:   1st place Jende Custom Leather Knife Roll (Valued at $500.00)       2nd place Jende Spirit Blade Custom Petty (Valued at $450.00)       3rd place JChef Pak Edge Backpack and Knife Case (Valued at $109.00)             Enter the ChefTalk.com Culinary School Review Contest (Starting (6/8/15) How do you enter?   Post a review of the culinary school you attended in the past or our currently attending in the ChefTalk.com: Culinary School... read more

The Strain Gauge: The Heart of the Digital Scale

If you've ever used an IBM Thinkpad pointing stick, you've used a strain gauge, the same technology that drives your electronic digital kitchen scale.    (photo from wikipedia)   The pointing stick didn't move perceptibly. But it flexed a tiny amount. When something flexes, one side is compressed and the other side is stretched. So think of a diving board. When you stand on the unsupported end of the diving board, the board deflects, or sags. The top side you're standing on stretches around a  curve, the bottom side is compressed in a slightly smaller curve.  For... read more

Cutting Board Review Contest

What is your favorite cutting board? ChefTalk.com wants to know.       Would you like to win this cutting board from John Boos?         Then enter the ChefTalk.com Cutting Board Review Contest. Here is all you need to do:   Starting tomorrow (4/26/15) post a review of your favorite cutting board here: http://www.cheftalk.com/products/category/cutting-boards Reviews must be well written, informative and helpful to a reader.  Please read official rules below to see if you are Eligible to participate. One winner will be chosen at random from all eligible... read more

Tea 101: A Beginner's Guide Part IV Oolong, Black and Pu-erh Teas

  • by PeteModerator

  Oolong teas represent the bridge between green teas, with do not go through any oxidation process and black teas which are 100% oxidized with oxidation levels ranging from 12-80%.  Thus Oolongs represent one of the most varied and diverse styles of tea with flavors profiles ranging from bright and herbaceous, to flowery, to deep, rich and earthy, with many variations and flavors in between.   While some Oolong style teas are produced in many tea producing countries, the vast majority, and best are produced in China and Taiwan.  Leaves for Oolong teas are harvested... read more

Tea 101: A Beginner's Guide Part III White and Green Tea

  • by PeteModerator

  White Tea is one of the most subtle of all teas.  Traditionally grown only in the Fujian province of China it is now also grown in parts of Nepal, India, Thailand and Taiwan due to its increased popularity in the Western world.  Most tea aficionados agree that the best white teas still only come from the Fujian province and consider white teas grown elsewhere to be of inferior quality best suited for mass marketed tea bags and bottled tea.   The season for harvesting white tea is very short, from early spring to late spring while the tea bushes are still budding. ... read more

Cutting Bell Peppers: The Elegant Solution

  Bell peppers, also known as sweet peppers,  are a great and dynamic vegetable giving us multiple ways to use them.  From simply stuffing them, to dicing them as a garnish, to cutting them into slices it all depends on what the intended use for the peppers is.     The most common way for people to prepare their peppers is to simply slice them down the middle and scoop out the seep pod, stem and some of the white veins.   While this method is not terrible, it does make making precision cuts a bit more difficult. There is another method that is much more... read more

Tea 101: A Beginner's Guide Part II The Basics

  • by PeteModerator

  In Part I of this series I introduced you to the world of tea.  In this part we will explore the basics of tea; purchasing, storing and brewing.  Of these topics, brewing is the most complex, and this is where many opinions can be found, many of which claim that they are the best, or only way to brew proper cups of tea.  I try to not get too caught up in the minutiae as, to me, brewing and drinking tea should relaxing endeavor, but there are certain guidelines regarding steeping times and temperatures that do need to be followed in order to brew a good cup of... read more

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