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Breville Je98xl Juice Fountain Plus

    Breville Je98xl Juice Fountain Plus Juicer   Reviewed By Peter Martin Donated by www.everythingkitchens.com     I recently had the opportunity to try out the new Juice Fountain Plus juicer from Breville.  I had been contemplating adding a juicer to my kitchen for awhile now as part of my plan to start leading a healthier lifestyle.  While the healthier lifestyle hasn’t really come to fruition-and who can blame me, with the holidays coming up-I have had a lot of fun experimenting with my new juicer.     For the benefit of those new to this... read more

Thanksgiving Gravy De Constructed

Written by: Chef Joe George     Gravy (grā'vē) n., pl. –vies  a. The juices that drip from cooking meat. b. A sauce made by thickening and seasoning these juices.  --The American Heritage Dictionary     It's as ubiquitous at a Thanksgiving feast as the turkey itself. Mashed potatoes would be nothing without it, ditto for the stuffing. Sometimes it's thin and sometimes it's thick but it's always there. I'm of course speaking of gravy.     But what is it, really? If you think about it, it's simply meat juice that has been thickened. But while this may be... read more

Trussing The Lost Art

    by Ruben Urias   The popularity of cooking in America has inspired many home cooks to attempt techniques that are all but forgotten.  Fortunately, many of these techniques do not substantially increase prep time, yet add immensely to the finished dish, not to mention the pride of the cook.  One such technique that will improve your poultry dishes is the use of trussing.      Trussing is the simple process of tying your poultry with butchers twine prior to roasting.  The process of trussing compacts your bird to give it an appealing, uniform shape and help... read more

Gingerbread The Sweetest Smell Of Christmas

  By Peter Martin   "Oh the weather outside is frightful But the fire is so delightful And since we've no place to go Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow"       Sammy Cahn's lyrics are sung countless times over the holiday season, and as lover of the winter season I couldn't agree more with his words, but as delightful as that fire is nothing says comfort and warmth as much as the smell of gingerbread baking in the oven.  The aromas of ginger and clove, the heady scent of cinnamon, and the deep earthy essence of molasses seems to rejuvenate and... read more

Italian American Celebration Feast Of Seven Fishes

  Story and photos by Becky Billingsley   Long ago somewhere in Italy's southern coastal instep it became tradition to celebrate Christmas Eve with a long multi-course dinner to symbolize waiting for the birth of Baby Jesus. Today the Feast of Seven Fishes is enthusiastically continued by Italian-American families.     The fish part of the tradition comes from the geography of the place it started: it's near the coast where there is an abundance of seafood. In the late 19th and early 20th century when a surge in Italian emigrants brought Italian flavors to... read more

A Brief Introduction To Chorizo

Chorizo   By Dorine Houston   Chorizo is pork sausage of Hispanic origin. It is pronounced choREEtho in Spain and choREEso in Hispanic America. Different countries have different recipes. The first difference for a chef in the US to keep in mind is that Mexican chorizo tastes nothing like the various chorizos from Spain.   Mexican chorizo is flavored with jalapeño peppers, and is generally raw and uncured; it must be cooked. Spanish (meaning only from Spain) chorizo is flavored with smoked paprika and is usually dry-cured; it does not need to be cooked.... read more

Edible Containers

  Edible Containers. Arguably eco-friendly living at its ultimate finest. Not only are edible containers decorative and clever, they require no clean up or landfill space. What could be better than edible bowls, cups, and even spoons?!    I remember candy rocks as a child. These sneaky imposters tickled me pink every time my mother created an edible landscape with these pseudo pebbles. My culinary adventures went international with the discovery of rice paper-enveloped candies. I've lost count of how many "I'm so hungry I'm gonna eat the wrapper!" tricks I played... read more

Cast Iron Dutch Oven Basics

This is something I wrote a few years back for a now defunct forum with Camp Chef. Why the name Dutch Oven? There are different versions of why the name Dutch Oven. One is that it derives from the Pennsylvania Dutch who cooked in them. Another is that a Dutchman invented the casting method by which such ovens then became best known. A third is that the better ovens were imported from Holland and so you'd prefer a Dutch Oven over other similar ovens. There is no definitive answer. How do I season a cast iron dutch oven? Generally the most asked... read more

Truffles For The Masses

Urbani Truffle Thrills   Reviewed by Brook Elliott   Posh: adj. Elegant, fashionable, high falutin; typical of, or intended for, the upper classes.   When it comes to posh foods, it doesn’t take much thought to make a list which fits that definition: Caviar, champagne, fois gras, lobster---and, perhaps the poshest of the posh, truffles---come immediately to mind.   At one time, any of these foods was the sure sign of grace and sophisticated dining. Now they are, alas, so over-used as to be pitiful. Expensive ingredients strewn, willy-nilly, over any... read more

Chinese Stirfrying

Chinese Stirfry Stirfry is a melding of equipment, technique, and food cut relatively small. While the term is often applied in the west to sauteing, in China stirfry covers two terms: Chow (chǎo) a quicker, higher heat and more vigorous technique with similarities to a western saute with the food stirred and turned with a special spatula sometimes called a shovel. Bao a tossed technique in a superheated wok also sometimes seen as pow or even pao As with all the great cuisines of the world, the technique of stirfrying and the food it produces are largely... read more

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