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Ramps Heralds Of Spring

  • by Pete

by Peter Martin After many false starts, Spring has finally come to Wisconsin this year.  Of course, that means many different things to different people.  To me it means muddy paw prints throughout the house as dogs wade through the temporary pond we commonly refer to as our backyard.  It means a resuming of relationships with our neighbors, who we often don’t see much during winter as the snow and cold keep us all inside.  From a culinary standpoint, to me, it means the emergence of my rhubarb plants and the season’s first fresh herbs.  It means fresh, local... read more

Mexican Food Recipes Ceviche

by: Ruben Urias For a cold snack on a hot summer day, ceviche hits the spot! The chilled mixture of fresh seafood and produce will satisfy your hunger and cool you down. Many variations of ceviche exist around the globe, each highlighting favorite local ingredients. For the basic Mexican version that follows, you will get a refreshing mixture of fish, shrimp, lime juice, and fresh vegetables. MEXICAN CEVICHE INGREDIENTS: 8 oz. Fish fillet(s), 1/4-1/2 inch cubes 4 oz. Bay shrimp, cooked 1/2 cup Lime juice 1/2 cup Red onion, fine... read more

Making Sausage

Describe 'Making Sausage' here SAUSAGE CLASS by Chef Bob refdrbob@gmail.com   Irish Breakfast Sausage French Apple Sausage Rosemary Sage Sausage Italian Sausage Fancy Italian Sausage Fresh Bratwurst Smoked Kielbasa Cheddar Cheese Kielbasa Mild “Mexican” Sausage Hot “Mexican” Sausage Smoked Bratwurst   SECTION I   Getting Down the Basics   a.             meats b.             spices c.              water d.             skins e.              stuffing f.              smoking g.              nitrates h.            ... read more

Mexican Food Recipes Guacamole

Of the many Mexican contributions to the American diet, guacamole is among the most popular. While it has many uses, Americans most often enjoy guacamole as a hearty dip for corn chips or as a creamy topping on their favorite Mexican entrée. Guacamole’s mild flavor and subtle texture go well with countless foods and drinks, making it a perfect fit for any party or celebration. The typical chunky style of guacamole familiar to most Americans is made by combining pressed avocados with a variety of diced vegetables, and seasonings. But due to avocados’ rich nature,... read more

Facebook Connect Frequently Asked Questions

What does "Connect with Facebook?" mean? For a couple of years now Facebook has been offering a service to allow folks to sign into other websites easily without having to enter a whole lot of information everywhere they go. This system has evolved over time and we've integrated it here for our members' convenience. If you'd like to hear what Facebook has to say, check out their developer's guide and help pages.     Why is this on the site? The main benefit is an easy registration process for new members who discover this forum via Facebook. Traditionally,... read more

Mexican Food Recipes Champurrado

With late winter storms postponing spring indefinitely, the allure of the common cup of cocoa is certain to wear thin. So now is the perfect time to try and make something new, like a cup of the traditional Mexican hot chocolate drink, champurrado. Champurrado is a rich and decadent hot chocolate drink, spiced with cinnamon and anise. It also distinguishes itself from its American counterparts by being thickened with masa, then whipped, into a frothy, fluffy cup of goodness. When prepared properly, champurrado is not unlike a traditional cup of cappuccino—espresso... read more

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Vietnamese Crab Cakes

  Created from a Chef-Viet post     Hi Folks:   This is a derivative from the ever popular Vietnamese "Nem Cua Bể" of a Seaport City (Hai-Phong) in North Vietnam.  Typically, the Vietnamese would use rice paper skin to wrap them up in a square fashion but in the US I've tried the filo skins, which turned out just fine.   Ingredients:   - 1.5 lbs Dungeness crab meat - 1 lb ground pork - 1 small bundle bean threads (soaked and diced about 1" long) - 1 cup julianed "wood ears" (black fungus) - 2 tbsp fishsauce - 1 tsp ground pepper - 2 egg... read more

Zojirushi Home Bakery Supreme Bread Machine

  • by NickoAdministrator

  You will likely face weeping and gnashing of teeth by serious bread makers at the mention of the word bread machine. And most will say it takes the fun out of making bread all together. True, it probably does but it does allow the masses who are looking for a convenient way to produce a simple loaf of bread without all the chemicals and the big time commitment.     The idea of a kitchen appliance that just produces a loaf of bread started in the late 80’s and caught on very quickly with just about everyone that wanted easy bread at home. Now almost... read more

How To Cut Up A Whole Chicken French System

There is already an excellent wiki entry on how to cut up a whole chicken. This describes the most popular American system. However, for some purposes the French system is preferable. The present article describes the latter system in brief, explaining only the differences from the American system.   1. Remove the wishbone.   2. Remove the outermost two sections of the wings by cutting through the joint between the upper wing and the middle.   2a. (Optional) Break the cut wing sections: Hold the larger, two-boned middle section in the strong hand, thumb... read more

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