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How To Create Better Food Photographs Part 2

This article was created and edited by devoted ChefTalk user Bonbini - thanks! Last time I talked a bit about getting to know your camera. Here's the link  www.cheftalk.com/wiki/how-to-create-better-food-photographs if you haven't read it yet. The next step is to understand the basics and explore a few techniques. Understand the basics and techniques My approach to food photography is very simple. I tend to get my shots as quickly as possible so that I can enjoy the food I made. Understanding the basics, like how to light the food and set up the shot properly helps me... read more

Wok Basics

Selecting a wok There are lots of discussions about this out there so this will be a quick summary with some links to deeper discussions. Material Carbon steel or cast iron. These are the two authentic materials. As you season and use these pans, they become more and more non-stick. And this type of surface protects the wok from rust and functions well at the high temps of wok cooking. For carbon steel woks, consider the thickness of the material. Ideally I've been told, an average person shouldn't be able to flex the wok when you press from the sides. I... read more

Facebook Connect Tutorial

Learn: How to link your Facebook Account to your ChefTalk account How to create a new account using Facebook Connect What does "Facebook User (Private)" mean? How can I message a Facebook User? How to publish to your Facebook Wall How to change your Facebook settings - Change your setting or Unlink your accounts Help! It keeps asking me to link my Facebook account and I can't log in with my normal ChefTalk account.   For Existing Users: Why Link Your Account? Publish your ChefTalk activity on your Facebook wall and activity feed to... read more

Search And Advanced Search Tutorial

Learn how to: Use the Basic Search Mode Use the Advanced Search Use Boolean Operators And Wildcards In Search Save Your Searches   Use the Basic Search Mode How To Execute a Basic Search At the top of every page, you will see the search bar to search the entire site (forums, reviews, Wikis, user profiles, etc). Enter your search keywords into the search bar. Click the "Search" button. Your results will display on several different tabs, divided up by the different types of content.  The first tab will show all of the results... read more

Tagging Tutorial

Tagging Overview   Google, Bing, Yahoo!, and any other major search engine has changed the game for product discoverability. Your site connects its members and visitors directly to products, and these are products people are asking about, researching, and thinking about buying - this notion is incredibly empowering. Tagging gives a site the ability to harness this intent, and lead people to make excellent purchasing decisions while making some cash yourself. This is literally a win-win, so keep reading because this is the best thing in your life.    There are various... read more

Add A New Item Tutorial

Learn how to: Add A New Item To The Database Edit A Product Description Add A New Image To A Product Page Edit Specs Edit Links Edit A Product Wiki   Add A New Product To The Database We do our best to add a good number of products to each category, but undoubtedly we've missed a few.  Thank you for your help in making the listings more complete!   Navigate to the right product category.  Start of by heading to the review and product page center here.  From there, select the appropriate product category. Click the "Add Item"... read more

Image Album Tutorial

Learn how to: Create A New Image Album Add Images To An Album Edit Images In An Album Edit An Album's Details Organize Images In Your Albums Delete An Album Create A New Image Album Navigate to your user profile. In the Album section, click the "create new album" button. On the next page, add a title for the image along with an optional description.  From here, you also have the ability to mark an album as private.  This will hide the album from other users. The Album Editor will load allowing you to upload images to your... read more

Image And Video Tutorial

Learn how to: Add Images To Posts And Articles Upload Images From Your Computer Embed Images From Another Site Using The On Site Tool Embed Images with Cut and Paste Embed Whole Albums from Photobucket Create And Edit Image Albums On Your Profile Create A New Image Album Add Images To An Album Edit Images In An Album Edit An Album's Details Organize Images In Your Albums Delete An Album   Add Videos To Posts And Articles   Add Images To Posts And Articles Upload and Embed an Image from Your... read more

Subscription Tutorial

Subscriptions are the way to personalize your experience so you can be kept abreast of only the changes that you care about. You can subscribe to forum threads, users whose content you enjoy reading, Wikis, etc. This way, each time you visit your home page you can see what has changed that you care about, without having to sift through stuff you don't. Additionally, you can get subscription content in immediate, daily, or weekly emails if you like.   Learn: Add Subscriptions View Your Subscription Content Edit or Remove Your Subscriptions Change... read more

Messaging Tutorial

Important Notice: If you receive a private message or public message notification in your email, do not reply to the email.  Click the 'Reply' button to reply via your message center. Learn: Send Private Messages Access And Manage Your Message Center Write Public Messages Delete Public Messages From Your Profile Change Your Messaging Notification Preferences   Send Private Messages Occasionally you may want to converse with another user privately.  Navigate to a user's profile page. Underneath that user's avatar, you will see... read more

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