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How To Make Chicken Bog A K A Pileau

Unless you have better than casual knowledge of the coastal South Carolina resort area of Myrtle Beach, you've likely never heard of Chicken Bog. If you are looking for an easy-to-prepare-in-large-quantities comfort food crowd-pleaser, you'll want to put this traditional Lowcountry dish in your catering repertoire.Myrtle Beach is in Horry County (don't pronounce the H!), and its residents and their neighbors to the south in Georgetown County, at least the ones born and raised there, are rice eaters. Practically the whole area used to be rice plantations in antebellum... read more

Flour Which Kind To Use And For What Purpose

Flour is one of those things we take for granted. It's been around in a crude milling form for about 8,000 years or more. Today, at the grocers there are several varieties available for purchase, some in pretty boxes and others in utilitarian sacks. The issue most bakers have is which one to buy and for what purpose. Flour is generally milled from wheat because wheat is the only grain with the proper proteins that create gluten - the very backbone of bread. Rice, soy, rye, pea and oat flours are all utilized in the manufacture of breads, cookies and cakes, but only the... read more

Sweet Potato Pecan Pie

Thanksgiving is the perfect time for soul food to shine, and one Southern chef has refined the traditional Sweet Potato Pie with another soulful seasonal favorite. Since Chef Teresa Thomas launched her restaurant called Southern Caviar in 2008, diners around Myrtle Beach, S.C., have been thrilled with her upscale versions of down-home Southern cooking. She learned her craft classically at Johnson & Wales University when it was still in Charleston, and then her Southern senses were honed at Charleston's famed soul food Mecca called Jestine's Kitchen. Now her signature... read more

And The Winners Are

Winners will be contacted via email so you can collect your prize. Please take a moment to visit the companies that made the competition possible: 1-st line coffee equipment Espresso and Cappuccino Specialists   New West KnifeWorks For those of us who love fine food, cooking is an art, and a quality knife is the artist's brush. At New West Knifeworks, we make our chef knives like we cook; we use the finest quality ingredients and prepare them with the patient hands of an artist. Our chef knives are finely tuned, quality instruments, a fusion of form and... read more

Foil Cooking Tips

For most of us, camp cooking starts out as skewering a hot dog to the end of a stick and holding it in the flames. But anybody who's progressed beyond that has likely cooked in foil. Foil cooking is among the earliest outdoor skills many of us learn.There are lots of benefits to cooking in foil pouches. Prep work can be done ahead of time, for instance, and then you just carry the packs ready to pop on the fire. Most food cooked in foil does not need to be minded, so you can take part in other activities until it's ready. And, with a supply of foil packs made at home... read more

Cooking For A Tailgating Party

  • by PeteModerator

The sun is shining.  You lazily sip an adult malted beverage as the scent of meat, sizzling over a charcoal fire, wafts through the air.  The kids are happily playing a few feet away, when suddenly, from out of the charcoal fueled haze, a man appears, half naked and painted from head to toe in bright and gaudy war paint.  He screams his war chant at you and you retaliate with one of your own.  Amazingly, no one around you seems to even take notice.  You have left reality behind and have entered into the Tailgate Zone along with a few thousand others, all of whom you... read more

Thanksgiving Libations

  • by PeteModerator

  America has come a long way since the days of jug wine, cheap, tasteless beer, and sweet sparkling "champagne."  I can remember, from my own childhood, holidays such as Thanksgiving and Christmas usually meant that the adults drank Cold Duck and Asti Spumante.  For those of you too young to remember, Cold Duck was a sweet sparkling red wine that was often used as an inexpensive celebratory beverage.  It was popular throughout the mid century but started to lose its appeal as American wine producers started to make affordable, quality wines and sparkling wines.  We... read more

Vote For Your Favorite Photo

Please vote for your favorite photo in the ChefTalk photo contest. read more

How To Make Fresh Pasta

by: Chef Jim Berman When I pondered this article, this tackling of creating fresh pasta, I was as nervous as a school boy on prom night; So many questions, so much anticipation for a fulfilling experience. Everyone does it, Would I live up to the expectations that, undoubtedly, were had of me? Would I be able to capture the right combination of movement and genteel touch that would pay off with visceral and guttural satisfaction? How would I compare to those that have tried before me? Due diligence wins, here. This is not a lexicon on the idiosyncrasies of 'all things'... read more

Interview With Chef Chris Cosentino

Chris took a break out of his busy schedule to tell Jeremy Emmerson, what we can expect to see!   J.E - Tell us about your new show (what's it about). C.C - Chefs vs. City is a combination of amazing race meets your stomach, five challenges per city, complete the challenges first, and finish the race.     J.E - How many cities did you tape in? C.C - Seven cities Boston, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, San Francisco, New York, New Orleans, Chicago,       J.E - What will viewers learn? C.C - Viewers will see unique foods from each city and great foodie spots to visit... read more

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