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Making Bread Part 4

The simplest variations are made through substitution or addition. By this I mean substituting a portion of the white bread flour for another, such as whole wheat or rye, or by adding additional ingredients, such as cheese, herbs, or even chili peppers. There's also the option of using the basic dough as a sort of medium for other ingredients, such as pizza, focaccia, and calzone. More abstract variations on the basic recipe lies not only in its ingredients but also in the method in which it's made, such as bagels and soft pretzels, which employs a much "tighter" dough... read more

Bread In History Religion And As Metaphor Part Iii

The role of bread in western civilization has been so important that it's ingrained into our very culture. As a food and also as metaphor it continues to be ensconced in everyday life. And its long history is almost beyond belief. Wheat, from which most breads are derived, has been cultivated and stored since prerecorded times. And there's evidence that bread has been baked and used as a staple food for more than 6000 years. The truly amazing thing is that other than modern conveniences (gas ovens and electric mixers) not much has changed in the way bread is... read more

The Art Of Buying Local An Evening With The Farmer And The Chef

When we are asked to participate in the March of Dimes' second annual The Farmer and the Chef, again this year, we jump at the opportunity. Who we are is a group of studious chefs, jumping at every opportunity to learn, experience and make our mark in today's culinary industry. Based out of Delcastle Technical High School we call ourselves the Cooks and Bakers and seek to both help our community and further our own knowledge in the field. In being involved in the Farmer and the Chef, not only will we be rubbing elbows with some of the more renowned restaurateurs of our... read more

Q And A Forum With Sara Moulton

Click here to go to the Q&A forum with Sara Moulton Sara MoultonChef, Cookbook Author, Television Personality One of the hardest-working women in the food biz, Sara Moulton has been juggling multiple jobs for years.  Admired by millions as the host of "Cooking Live,"  "Cooking Live Primetime," and "Sara's Secrets," Moulton was one of the Food Network's defining personalities during the outlet's first decade.  In addition to her work on the Food Network, the energetic Moulton has been the Executive Chef of Gourmet Magazine for the last twenty-three years.  She is also... read more

A Return To Taste

  • by PeteModerator

America has lost its way when it comes to purchasing food.  We can walk into virtually any supermarket or megamart and purchase just about any food we desire regardless of the season.  Our modern transportation system allows us to ship fresh foods from all over the world to be delivered, for our enjoyment, even when those foods are out of season locally.  Unfortunately there is a price to be paid for this convenience and that price is a loss of flavor and texture.  What is even more unfortunate is that we Americans having been doing this for so long that we have... read more

Camp Cooking Dutch Oven Cooking

After languishing as a footnote to culinary history, Dutch oven cooking is making a comeback. There are several influences behind this, ranging from the vast numbers of historic reenactors who use them on open fires, to the Dutch oven cooking competitions waged as part of the food-fight phenomenon that’s grown exponentially across the country. There are even a few inns that specialize in Dutch oven cookery. Dutch ovens are the most versatile cookware you can use. Name the cooking technique---from braising to baking, sautéing to deep frying, and you can do it in a Dutch... read more

Q And A Forum With Gale Gand

Gale Gand is the executive pastry chef and partner of  the renowned four-star Mobil, five-diamond AAA, Relais & Chateaux Relais-Gourmand restaurant Tru with culinary partner Rick Tramonto. She was recognized in 2001 as Outstanding Pastry Chef of the Year by The James Beard Foundation and Bon Appetite magazine and in 1994 as one of Food & Wine's Top Ten Best New Chefs. Gand has a BFA from RIT and attended culinary school at La Varenne in Paris before opening Trio, Brasserie T and later Tru, which celebrates it's 10th anniversary in 2009. An accomplished cookbook author... read more

Resources Guide For Bread Bakers

Here’s a list of books and websites that are useful for the home baker and also the professional, whether you’re a novice or experienced. Most offer a plethora of recipes, and many include text that is even more interesting. A few in fact could be considered scholarly on the fascinating subject of bread and are as interesting to read as they are to bake from. Some are classics; some are new. These are just a few suggestions; the list could be much longer.     Books:         Bernard Clayton’s Complete Book of Breads By Bernard Clayton, Jr.   Bread... read more

Q And A Forum With James Peterson This Week

James Peterson grew up in northern California and pursued a degree in Chemistry at UC Berkeley. After his studies, he traveled around the world, working his way from Japan to Hong Kong, to Bangkok, to India and eventually, by land, to Europe. It was in France that he found his calling, inspired by the French attitude toward food and drink.Eventually, Jim  settled in France and worked at two of what were France's greatest restaurants at the time, George Blanc in the Bresse district, and Vivarois in Paris. It was largely his experiences in these restaurants that shaped... read more

How To Make Rhubarb Pie

  • by PeteModerator

People look for signs of Spring in many places.  To some the return of the Robins signals Spring, for others it's the flowering of Crocuses or Daffodils.  Others get excited by the sight of geese heading back north and I can't deny I get a little tingle when I see these early signs of Spring, but I've lived in the Northern US for too long to get overly excited.  Sure these signs mean Spring is upon us, but I've also lived through too many late Spring snowstorms to get too worked up by these early omens.  Okay, so I'm a little jaded, but I admit, there is one thing that... read more

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