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Peter Martin

  • by PeteModerator

I got my start in the restaurant business at the ripe old age of 8 years old. My parents owned a restaurant over which we lived. Oftentimes, if a dishwasher quit, I was drafted into service at the last minute and, during summer vacation, I wasn't allowed to go out and play until after I bussed tables for lunch service, all for high wage of $.25 per hour!; Later in life, I tried to avoid the call of the kitchen, bouncing around from college to college and from major to major. Finally, after giving in to the call, I enrolled in New England Culinary Institute in Montpelier,... read more

Cooking For Your Best Friend

By Pam Grant      As professional and non-professional cooks, we all have one thing in common here in our Cheftalk community, we love to cook, or at the very least talk about cooking. Ok some of us just like to eat, but no matter the severity we are all tied together somehow by food. I would be willing to wager that many of us have another love in our lives besides food. The one thing that keeps you warm at night, greets you warmly when you come home at the end of the day, and waits anxiously to see what wonderful culinary masterpiece you will bestow upon them each... read more

Cooking With Urbani Truffles

by: Jim Berman I asked a group of young cooks what they knew about truffles. Of course I got the predictable "chocolate" and "expensive" and "good!" I also, surprisingly got "don't they use pigs to find them?" and "it's like a mushroom." So, given the opportunity to bring some Urbani truffles into the kitchen, I was enthused about the opportunity to do so. Urbani does not deal with the chocolate lovelies that fetch way too much money around Valentine's Day. No, no, the colorful heritage of the Urbani Family brings the subterranean delicacy from the soils of Italy to our... read more

Subtle Smoking Smoking Gun Provides Quick And Easy Flavor Enhancement

By Becky Billingsley   When Chef Mike Gadson is catering a small private function or cooking at home for friends and family, one of his favorite tools for adding a smoked flavor to many dishes is a smoking gun.   Recently Gadson, who is the executive chef at Springmaid Beach Resort & Conference Center in Myrtle Beach, S.C., used his PolyScience Smoking Gun to smoke an airline cut of chicken breast. However, meats are not the only smokable items in the pantry. Vegetables and even some fruits are ripe for the flavor infusion: Executive Chef Steven Musolf of High Hammock... read more

Vande Rose Farms Products

"Give us the luxuries of life, and we will dispense with its necessaries."  –Oliver Wendell Holmes The economy is stagnant, but our appetite for the opulent does not wane.  Certainly, four or five dinners out each week may be but a fleeting memory; cross-town jaunts just for the sake of doing so may be out of the gasoline budget; the newest iPod may be a purchase held off in anticipation of winning the lottery. But, we still like to eat well, be it at home now rather than in a white tablecloth restaurant. The best ingredients are still readily available and we have an... read more

Morpheus Culinary Watch

Cooking is a hobby, profession, calling or otherwise a lifestyle that runs deep. There are novice cooks, young chefs and seasoned veterans that share a bond of needing to 'live cooking.' Days revolve around cooking, cookware, cook books, cooking shows, great food and cleaning up afterwards. For some, having every single kitchen tool is a quest in itself; mastering the use of those tools comes with its own set of challenges. For others, amassing inordinate numbers of volumes in their cook book collection is its own part-time job. All the while, for those of us with a... read more

Urbani White Truffles And Truffle Honey

What better way to spend the slow cold month of January working with some fresh Urbani white truffles? Few ingredients instill both trepidation and elation in cooks more so than fresh truffles. Tears may flow at their mere site, out loud blubbering may commence with the opportunity to handle such a malformed fungal growth and outright elation with a follow-up cigarette may be warranted with the opportunity to cook with, arguably, the most costly food ingredient on the planet. There is a certain command respect for any component to a dish that demands over $200 per... read more

How To Make Ice Cream Without An Ice Cream Machine

There are a number of ways to make ice cream without a machine. Perhaps the easiest is to use a regular freezer and stir at intervals. The fastest is to mix the base with a couple volumes of liquid nitrogen, which gives you ready to eat ice cream in ten seconds. It's helpful to understand what the ice cream mixing machine does, in order to consider what you need to do to get a suitable product. Consider the clasic hand-cranked sort. The basic idea is that the dashers agitate the ice-cream-to-be, while the can rotates in the ice/salt mixture. The dashers agitate the... read more

Arena Charcoal Grill By Barbecook

When it comes to summertime cooking just about everyone heads for their outdoor grill. For most that simply means turning a dial and hitting an igniter switch to light the propane fuel of their gas grill. While you surely can't beat the convenience of the gas grills available, it is hard to compare the flavor of foods cooked over gas to that of food cooked over charcoal.   Although cooking over charcoal offers a superior flavor compared to gas, it not only requires more time but also a greater degree of cooking skill (in my opinion). This makes the idea of grilling... read more

How To Create Better Food Photographs Part 2

This article was created and edited by devoted ChefTalk user Bonbini - thanks! Last time I talked a bit about getting to know your camera. Here's the link  www.cheftalk.com/wiki/how-to-create-better-food-photographs if you haven't read it yet. The next step is to understand the basics and explore a few techniques. Understand the basics and techniques My approach to food photography is very simple. I tend to get my shots as quickly as possible so that I can enjoy the food I made. Understanding the basics, like how to light the food and set up the shot properly helps me... read more

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