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Grilling 101 Part I Charcoal Vs Gas Grills

  • by PeteModerator

  There’s nothing quite like the taste of food cooked over an open fire.  It brings to food additional layers of flavors and aromas that harkens back to a more primal time in humankind’s history.  While our ancestors, both ancient and not so ancient, relied on live fire to cook, we no longer have to mess with it, yet every summer, people across the US spend countless hours standing over grills and barbecues doing just that.  Not because we have to but because we want to.  While much of the world still relies on open fires for cooking, modern Western man does not. ... read more

Cheftalk Q And A With Mario Batali

With fourteen restaurants, eight cookbooks and a host of television shows, including the ever-popular Iron Chef America, Mario Batali is arguably one of the most recognized and respected chefs working in America today. This, combined with his larger-than-life personality is the reason that he has received accolades like GQ Magazine’s Man of the Year and the James Beard Award for Outstanding Chef.   Recently ChefTalk.com had the honor of having Mario Batali visit our community to answer a few questions. Although Mario couldn't get to all our questions (he is a busy... read more

Friedr Dick Blade Manufacturing Process

  History   In 1778 the Friedr. Dick company was founded in Esslingen, Germany and is still family owned after more than 225 years.   Friedr. Dick is the world's only manufacturer to offer a complete range of knives, sharpening steels and ancillary items for chefs and butchers, as well as butcher's machines, grinding machines and knife-cleaning equipment. The long tradition and the many years of experience gained in the manufacture of products for chefs and butchers enable the ongoing development of innovative new products.   Materials   Only... read more

Basic Knife Care

  It's a common misconception that knives are suitable for cleaning in the dishwasher. The truth is, the dishwasher is considerably more aggressive in its action than cleaning by hand.  Highly concentrated cleaning agents, long periods in hot steam and even the residue of certain kinds of food can lead to spots or corrosive actions on the knife blade. It is recommended cleaning knives by hand, using a soft cloth and mild cleaning agent. After cleaning, the knife should be carefully wiped dry to avoid spotting of the blade.   Certain handle materials, and designs... read more

Top Mistakes Made When Purchasing Kitchen Knives

  For most people, there is very little thought that goes into purchasing new kitchen knives—usually it is an impulse buy when they are browsing the kitchen section of the local department store, or they finally get tired of their dull knives and decide to grab a new one the next time they visit Wal-Mart or Target.  Retailers of quality knives are frustrated in knowing that there is a large group out there that is missing out on the experience of using quality cutlery.  Purchasing kitchen knives without any thought and research is just one mistake made when stocking... read more


  advertise@cheftalk.com   Brand advocates are created through support of ChefTalk's niche communities. ChefTalk's communities are where enthusiasts gather to discuss brands and products. Supporting brands are appreciated by these communities. Many of these members will naturally become your biggest fans. Fans of your brand influence others within the community and everywhere else: on and... read more

Amaretto Cheesecake Recipe

There is plenty of Amaretto so it has a very nice rounded almond flavour throughout.   Ingredients   3 tbls of Caster Sugar 3 tbls of Butter 85g Plain Digestive Biscuit (crushed)   200g Caster Sugar 450g Cream Cheese 450ml Sour Cream 3 tbls of Cornflower 2 tea spoons of vanilla extract 6 tbls Amaretto Spirit Pinch of Salt 4 Free Range Eggs   Method   Base   Preheat the oven to 180 C / Gas 4   Mix digestives and 3 tbls of caster sugar.   Add melted butter and mix again.   Press into a stringform tin (ideally... read more

Top 10 Least Well Known Culinary Herbs

Story and photos by Becky Billingsley     Anyone whose cooking skills goes beyond cutting a slit in a plastic wrapper and nuking a box for 90 seconds knows how to use fresh parsley, rosemary, basil and cilantro. Those who want to explore other flavors love seeking out new herbs.   Pete Gerace is a partner with Kris Reynolds at Inlet Culinary Garden in Murrells Inlet, S.C. Their business is a wonderland of greenery with leaves of various sizes, shapes and scents. They're all edible, and Gerace explained how some of the lesser-known varieties are flavor power... read more

Win One Of Five Copies Of Molto Gusto Easy Italian Cooking By Mario Batali

This Sunday we will be opening up the "Q&A Forum With Mario Batali" so you can post your questions. In addition to the forum we will be giving away five copies of Mario's latest book "Molto Gusto: Easy Italian Cooking" All you need to do to be eligible to win one of the copies is post a question in the forum. Your username will be used and we will draw 5 names randomly. Click here to read ChefTalk's review of Mario's new book Molto Gusto: Easy Italian Cooking See you in the forum. read more

April 2010 Cheftalk Com Newsletter

Q&A With Chef Mario Batali We are excited to announce that coming to the ChefTalk.com forums on May 11th, 2010, is super Chef Mario Batali for an exciting one day Q&A forum. The forum will open Sunday, May 9th, 2010, for questions and Mario Batali will join us on Tuesday, May 11th, 2010 to answer as many questions as he is able.      Post your question in the forum and you will automatically be entered to win one of 5 copies of Mario's new book, "Molto Gusto Easy Italian Cooking." Winners will be randomly picked and announced after the forum. Once the forum is open... read more

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