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Cheftalk 2 0 Future Changes

Read all about the exciting new changes coming to ChefTalk.com very soon. read more

Making A Holiday Memory Making A Gingerbread House

Written by Pam Grant As we dive headlong into yet another holiday season I am brought back, as I am each year, to the memories of my childhood.   So many of those memories center around food.  I can fondly remember watching my mother while she spent hours rolling and cutting out gingerbread dough for cookies and gingerbread houses.  The smell of warm gingerbread filling the house, the knowledge that more wonderful, “special” things to eat would still be to follow such as touchiere pie, German chocolate cake and peanut butter fudge are some of my fondest holiday... read more

Preserving A Hot Trend

A classic way to enjoy figs is as preserves, and chefs throughout coastal South Carolina make them since the area has a prime climate for bumper fig crops. They start turning ripe in July, and the crop continues through August. Pastry Chef Tina Spaltro of the Marina Inn at Grande Dunes in Myrtle Beach, with encouragement from Executive Chef James Clark, figured out how to turn a lot of figs into delicious batch of sweetness. Making the preserves during the late summer of 2009, she says, was a spur-of-the-moment project that turned out well. "It was just a... read more

How To Create Better Food Photographs

From an aspiring accountant in Bangkok to a professional pastry chef in San Francisco was an unexpected career path for me. In 2003, my husband and I moved to San Francisco where I continued studying accounting. After living in the U.S. for two and a half years, we decided to open a bed & breakfast in the Caribbean, which was my start in the food business. When we returned to San Francisco in 2007 I knew I could bake for a living, so I decided to take the baking and pastry program at California Culinary Academy. Since graduating, I've been fortunate enough to work... read more

Thanksgiving Left Overs

Well, here it is November already (can you believe it?), and being a chef/food writer I feel compelled to offer the obligatory turkey article. And as I do, a quote comes to mind. Some years ago while attending a seminar at the New School in NYC one of the speakers was Nach Waxman, owner of the literary cookbook store, Kitchen Arts and Letters. When he sat down he gave the room a long sweeping look and then said, "We do not live in a recipe deprived society." He paused, and then repeated himself; insinuating that there are too many recipes for the same thing and... read more

A Traditional Thanksgiving Dinner

There are only a few things in this world you can absolutely count on. Death and taxes are the two most familiar. Another one: Come this time of year, food forums will be covered up with discussions about Thanksgiving---the only American holiday whose sole purpose is gluttony. Cheftalk is, of course, no exception. In fact, the fun got started early this year, with a massive discussion about "traditional" foods (http://www.cheftalk.com/forums/food-cooking-questions-discussion/56677-thanksgiving-4.html). Tradition is a slippery concept. For most folks,... read more

Food Arts Magazine Free Subscription

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How To Make Chicken Bog A K A Pileau

Unless you have better than casual knowledge of the coastal South Carolina resort area of Myrtle Beach, you've likely never heard of Chicken Bog. If you are looking for an easy-to-prepare-in-large-quantities comfort food crowd-pleaser, you'll want to put this traditional Lowcountry dish in your catering repertoire.Myrtle Beach is in Horry County (don't pronounce the H!), and its residents and their neighbors to the south in Georgetown County, at least the ones born and raised there, are rice eaters. Practically the whole area used to be rice plantations in antebellum... read more

Flour Which Kind To Use And For What Purpose

Flour is one of those things we take for granted. It's been around in a crude milling form for about 8,000 years or more. Today, at the grocers there are several varieties available for purchase, some in pretty boxes and others in utilitarian sacks. The issue most bakers have is which one to buy and for what purpose. Flour is generally milled from wheat because wheat is the only grain with the proper proteins that create gluten - the very backbone of bread. Rice, soy, rye, pea and oat flours are all utilized in the manufacture of breads, cookies and cakes, but only the... read more

Sweet Potato Pecan Pie

Thanksgiving is the perfect time for soul food to shine, and one Southern chef has refined the traditional Sweet Potato Pie with another soulful seasonal favorite. Since Chef Teresa Thomas launched her restaurant called Southern Caviar in 2008, diners around Myrtle Beach, S.C., have been thrilled with her upscale versions of down-home Southern cooking. She learned her craft classically at Johnson & Wales University when it was still in Charleston, and then her Southern senses were honed at Charleston's famed soul food Mecca called Jestine's Kitchen. Now her signature... read more

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