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Cranberry and Dried Cherry Chutney

  • by PeteModerator

    Cranberry relish is a staple of the Thanksgiving table, and for good reason.  It's tart bite makes a great counterpoint to all the rich, fatty foods that grace the holiday table.  It awakens the palate and brings a vibrant freshness to what can be a heavy meal.   Cranberry relish comes in all different forms and flavors, from the canned jellied stuff (that is the guilty pleasure of so many of us) to ground berries only slightly sweetened to  thick, cloying sauces and the inevitable jello mold.  No matter how it is served, I am a firm believer that it belongs on... read more

Gingered Cider-Bourbon Cocktail

  • by PeteModerator

  When it comes to Autumn and Winter one of my favorite beverages is Hot Spiced Cider, usually with a shot of bourbon in it.  But, I'm not always in the mood for a hot drink and so I created this cocktail, that has become quite popular at my family gatherings.  I can't think of a more American cocktail than this, combining bourbon with sweet cider and maple syrup.   This cocktail would make a great addition to your Thanksgiving Day menu, whether as a pre dinner drink, an option, beyond wine or Champagne at dinner, or later that evening as you are winding down and... read more

The Mystery Basket or How a Chef Interviews for a Job

    If you have ever watched a show like chopped, then you have an idea of what a mystery basket is.  It is an assortment of random ingredients that a cook or chef will have to cobble together to make a dish in a limited amount of time.  This lends itself to dramatic television.  The thing is the mystery basket is a pretty standard way to interview potential cooks and chefs in the industry.  I recently had a job interview that involved a mystery basket and it is a harrowing experience.  There are several factors that make such a test difficult.    The... read more

A Small, Quiet Thanksgiving

  • by PeteModerator

    It's that time of year when food sites and food blogs turn their attention to the holidays and offer up all sorts of wonderful dishes for your holiday celebrations.  Unfortunately, the vast majority of these sites tend to focus on large gatherings and forget that, for many people, the holidays won't be filled with large family gatherings or parties  For many, it may just be them and their significant other, or just the few people in their immediate family.  Maybe they don't have any extended family, live too far away to get together, or maybe they are just... read more

From Athlete to Chef

            Why did I chose to become a chef? This is a question that I get often. It is a question I never really had an answer to. Many stories of chefs usually involve becoming turned onto food and cooking at a younger or sometimes later age by their mother or grandmother figure whom often cooked memorable meals that inspired them to immerse themselves in such a world. Some, however, have had troubled lives early on and found something that they love in cooking and turn that into a career.              I find that I had a very different approach and reasoning for... read more

Cooking with Kids - A Survival Guide

  • by PeteModerator

Let’s face it, most kids love to cook. It’s fun, it’s messy, and it allows them to play with their food free of parental disapproval. Cooking with your kids can be a joyful experience, and a time for family bonding and teaching your kids a necessary life skill. It can also be a harrowing, exasperating experience which can leave you with more gray hairs than you started with. Hopefully, by following the tips and guidelines listed below you can increase your chances at the former while decreasing the possibilities of the latter.   Remember: safety first. Safety really... read more

Top Ten Cooking Myths

  • by PeteModerator

  Myths and misinformation abound in the cooking world. From old wives tales to supposed anecdotes, much of what we have been taught is just downright wrong. Many myths just lead to added steps and time to your food preparation, and in the long run, an inferior product. Although most of this information can be found all over the internet, it bears repeating as these myths just don’t seem to go away. Not only do I hear this misinformation repeated back to me time and again from novices and home cooks, but many of these myths are still held as gospel by many... read more

Why Do You Cook?

Why Do You Cook? Andres Cantu “It’s like I always knew,” explains San Antonio chef Johnny Hernandez, the culinary dynamo behind True Flavors Catering and El Machito, among others. Having grown up in his father’s restaurant, Hernandez had no doubt that cooking would remain the focal point of his life’s work.   There aren’t many of us who can claim such provenance, yet here we are: boiling and broiling, slicing and dicing, turning and burning, all with varying degrees of passion. Slippery floors, stainless steel corners, boiling water, fryers, fires, blades, soaking... read more

Pineapple How To

The pineapple may be a prominent symbol of Hawaii, but this sweet and tangy tropical fruit is popular beyond the Pacific Islands. Pineapples have actually been cultivated in South America and the West Indies since ancient times and were not introduced to Hawaii until 1800.  The Spanish (pina) and English names are derived from the fruit’s resemblance to a pinecone. Although there are numerous varieties of pineapples, only four are of commercial importance.   Pineapples, as popular as they are, can be intimidating for those who don't know how to purchase or process them.... read more

Family Meal: Feeding the Crew on the Cheap

It’s 3 p.m. and while most of the working class has scurried back into their offices or hit the road onto the next work site, another group is grabbing the first breath of fresh air since they punched the clock. Following the late lunch rush, restaurant staff finally has time to take a breather; they take opportunity to shove down anything that will hold them over until they punch out for the shift. That “anything” comes in the form of Family meal, the single most coveted five minutes in the work day. Whether you are a seasoned veteran or a freshman working in food... read more

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