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Managing the Management: How Cooks Can Cope

Manager:    “Why didn’t you do the lamb?”             Me:        “Wasn’t my task, sir. Prep cooks have that on their list.”             Manager:    “Why did you clock in so early?!” Cook or not, those of us who have any experience in the workforce know there are supervisors or managers who have a proclivity for finding flaws in their charges’ performances. I’m not talking about a sup who will call you out on shortcomings when you deserve it (like that one time you forgot to dice a case of tomatoes before clocking out). I’m referring to those who would be happy to... read more

True Cooks

  There is a very clear, yet unspoken language among cooks. Call it a familiar handshake. Most definitely a lifestyle. But it is not a secret society. Instead, it is a very public honor among thieves sort of thing, emblazoned with stitches, burns, inspired food, dark-ringed eyes and tobacco-stained fingers. And a declaration across the front of a shirt.  Much like the pride of belonging to a gang, or wearing a Pirates’ baseball hat, a Star Wars jacket or displaying a Rise Against bumper sticker, there is a certain feeling in belonging by showing an association.  At... read more

ChefTalk Monthly Cooking Challenges

2015 - ChefTalk.com Cooking Challenges                                     2014 - ChefTalk.com Cooking Challenges                                                     2013 - ChefTalk.com Cooking Challenges   Starting back in April 2013 the ChefTalk.com community began picking monthly food items to cook. Everyone who participates in the challenge elects someone who has entered to pick the next months challenge. There are no prizes and really no winners just everyone entering great creations they have made centered around the... read more

What does Shake Shack's ChickenStack mean to restaurant menus?

      The cornerstone of the contemporary burger scene broke the internet with the launch of a chicken sandwich. Seriously. The Shake Shack chicken sandwich started trending on Twitter within minutes of the first chicken dip in the fryer. And that says something for the burger-only (mostly) establishment that kicked the stock market in the pants with an opening day initial offering that doubled, making a lot of burger investors very happy. So what does that mean for a burger-centric chain that looks to gobble some of the chicken market? Is it a sell-out for, say,... read more

On the Road with Dega Catering and the Dave Matthews Band

  When the kitchen is always in motion, how do you feed one of the biggest bands in the world? Dega Catering is the long-running food crew charged with fueling the Dave Matthews Band as the group snakes its way across the country during their nearly annual summer concert tours. Feeding the band members, riggers, drivers, stagehands, sound technicians and guests with restaurant quality food can be daunting. Executing the food that is befitting the demands of a rigorous tour schedule is a feat all its own. Fold in the desire to minimize a negative environmental impact,... read more

Fourth of July: What Would George Eat?

Tomorrow people around the country will celebrating the anniversary of the USA's birth as a country.  In today's culinary tradition many of these good folks will fire up their grills and cook up the grilling season's standards such as burgers or hot dogs.  For the more "adventurous" types some chicken or even sausages might find their way onto the grill.  I myself will be cooking up some tasty fajitas.  But have you ever stopped to consider what food was consumed during the pre-colonial and post independence United States?  The stuff they ate was very different than... read more

How To Prepare and Cook Fresh Artichokes

Ok, connect these dots.  What do artichokes and sexism have in common?  Well, many foods in medieval and ancient history were falsely ascribed with positive or negative attributes.  Tomatoes and potatoes for example, brought from the new world by the early European explorers, were thought to be poisonous.  Can you imagine Italians believing tomatoes were poisonous?  Artichokes, which originated in Sicily, were not only thought to be medicinal, but an aphrodisiac as well.  Women were subsequently forbidden to consume them, an edict which undoubtedly arose from men's... read more

How To Clean and Cook Fresh Artichokes

There are a number of ingredients that I often wonder how anyone ever thought could be edible, or even tasty. Olives are one of these as when the olive comes off the tree, it is unbelievably bitter. Artichokes are another. Who would have looked at this oversized thistle and thought "Maybe this thorny flower bud, if handled and cooked correctly, could be a succulent treat?" or "Maybe if I cook it and scrape the leaves between my teeth, I could be treated to a sweet vegetal pulp?" The artichoke still is a mystery to most. If you grab a thorny variety incorrectly, you... read more

Culinary School Review Contest

Culinary School Review Contest Read below to find out how you can win one of three amazing prizes:   1st place Jende Custom Leather Knife Roll (Valued at $500.00)       2nd place Jende Spirit Blade Custom Petty (Valued at $450.00)       3rd place JChef Pak Edge Backpack and Knife Case (Valued at $109.00)             Enter the ChefTalk.com Culinary School Review Contest (Starting (6/8/15) How do you enter?   Post a review of the culinary school you attended in the past or our currently attending in the ChefTalk.com: Culinary School... read more

How to add a culinary school to ChefTalk.com

Learn how to: Add A New Culinary School To The Database Edit A Culinary School Description Add A New Image To A Culinary School Page Edit Specs Edit Links Edit A Culinary School Wiki   Add A New Culinary School To The Database We do our best to add a good number of culinary schools, but undoubtedly we've missed a few.  Thank you for your help in making the listings more complete!   Click the "Add Item" Button.  Once you're in your desired culinary school category, first check to make sure the product you want to add isn't there.  If it's missing, look over... read more

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