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Some Myths About Beef and Cattle

I have read a few comments made by pro chefs and home cooks alike about beef and cattle that has encouraged my to write this article about the myths associated with cattle grown in the US.  Please bear with me as I am not a professional writer nor am I experienced in writing articles.    Before I begin, it is relevant to point out that I live in Kansas, which is located in the heart of cattle production here in the US.  Texas and Oklahoma are ranked 1 and 2 respectively in cattle production and Kansas is a very close 3rd.   For years, I have sourced my beef from local... read more

Food Safety As Kitchen Culture

        So, you can filet 150lbs of chicken breasts in an hour. You can slice a clove of garlic into 50 transparent tiles with the tip of a 12-inch blade. You can even flip a loaded 24-inch wok without dropping a single broccoli floret! You may be impressive at a prep station or on the line, but are you equally impressive with your food safety and sanitation practices?        It can be as long as five years between renewals of our food handlers’/food safety manager licenses and certificates. With the passage of that much time, recalling every strain of bacteria and... read more

Cranberry/Orange Parfait with Chocolate Sauce and Toasted Almonds

     With the Holiday season now long over and spring on its' way, this is a good time to clear the pantry of any left over foodstuffs and make room for all the fresh vegetables and fruits soon arriving. One item most of us serve at holiday dinners is cranberry jelly but we rarely find use for it  any other time of year. This dessert idea makes use of any cans or jars of cranberry jelly you may have hiding in your cupboard and you can make it with however much jelly you have on hand, preventing the need to buy more just to make a batch. Mindful of that, amounts are not... read more

Vegan Cuisine - It's Not Just Bean Curd and Sprouts

  "Ewwwww!" groaned the students. "Vegan cuisine? CHEF! Why can't we eat real food?" begged my Culinary II students.    "Vegan cuisine IS real food," I replied. "It's just as real as a Chinese beef with broccoli or a strawberry cream cheese pie."   "I'd rather have the beef with broccoli," grumbled Edgar (not the student's real name).    "I'd rather have the strawberry cream cheese pie," sighed Maria (also not this student's real name).   "Well surprise-surprise," I announced with a smile, "Over the next two weeks, we will be producing a Chinese beef with... read more

Stuffed Potato Appetizers

 In the rush of the holiday season, bringing an offering to a party can be problematic and time consuming. Getting yourself ready for the party after work doesn't leave much time for putting together a creative, tasty appetizer and with all the options available at so many supermarkets, pre made, store bought platters are often the easy way out for many.       Here is a relatively quick appetizer you can make the next time you find yourself wanting to impress without devoting hours to the kitchen.  Stuffed Potato   Ingredients  Ruby Gold or other "baby" potatoes.... read more

An Orange Is An Orange Is An Orange

Imagine this: it's the middle of winter and something as sun drenched and vibrant as citrus fruits are in peak season. In a time when everything always seems to be in season, this may not sound that strange but it's true. Even foods that are as perpetually present in supermarkets as oranges indeed have an optimum period. Though as I write this column it's 8 degrees Fahrenheit outside and hard to imagine anything is actually in season.     Oranges are a near-perfect food. One medium sized navel orange has just 80 calories, is cholesterol and sodium free and contains... read more

ChefTalk Monthly Cooking Challenges

2016 - Cooking Challenges                                                                2015 - Cooking Challenges                                                         2014 - Cooking Challenges                                                     2013 - Cooking Challenges   Starting back in April 2013 the community began picking monthly food items to cook. Everyone who participates in the challenge elects someone who... read more

Inebriated Fruitcakes

  "Fruitcake is a geological homemade cake," Charles Dickens     When I was a kid I hated fruitcake. Ok, hate is a pretty strong word, an intense dislike is probably more appropriate, and this is coming from someone who's had a sweet tooth since the day they were born. But to be honest I didn't really gave it a chance.   One of the sticky little blocks always seemed to appear around holiday time, I'd spot it stashed in the back of the refrigerator. I wouldn't eat it even when there were no other sweets in the house. The way its plastic wrapping stuck to it kind... read more

Cooking Pumpkins

  According to an Irish myth, one day a man known as "Stingy Jack" for his miserly inclinations had a drink with the devil.  True to his name, Jack convinced the devil to transform himself into a coin in order to pay for the drinks. The devil did so but Jack kept the coin for himself.  He placed it in his pocket next to a cross so the devil could not change back.  Jack then freed the devil under the conditions that he would not bother him for a year and could not claim his soul upon his death.  The following year, Jack trapped the devil in a tree by carving a cross on... read more

Thanksgiving Turkey

Let's Talk Turkey   Thanksgiving is approaching and households across America will be preparing the traditional turkey.  About 46 million turkeys will be "gobbled" up according to the National Turkey Federation.  Most people want to know how to cook a juicy bird.  Simple.  Make duck instead.     I don't care what anybody says.  Turkey meat, particularly the breast, is not juicy.  Of course this depends on your definition of "juicy."  For me, juicy is the moisture level in a medium-rare rib-eye steak, braised veal shanks or duck leg confit.  Turkey breast, to me,... read more › Articles