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Going Electronic in the Kitchen

Bringing Technology to the Kitchen     A computer is handy for a cook FOR the kitchen in streaming cooking shows or tutorials off of youtube. It's a great resource for new recipes or for your old family recipes as well. But a computer hasn't been handy to have IN the kitchen. A keyboard to fill with debris and spills, same for the mouse. And where do you put the monitor? Not to mention all the cables. Now with smartphones and tablets, you have some options to help you out smoothly and seamlessly.   It would be nice to have a stand to angle the tablet or phone... read more

Volunteer at a Community Meal Program

Among the many who undertake the rigors of professional cooking, there are those who do it simply for a paycheck, learning only enough to do the job. But many of us see it as a career, spending years accumulating experience and knowledge in the hope of becoming an influential member of our profession.  If you consider yourself a true culinary professional, working in community meal centers can provide you with opportunities you may have never considered.   We gather our culinary skills by providing quality meals for paying customers. Feedback is immediate and... read more

English Muffins

  • by PeteModerator

  This may sound strange, but I can remember the first time I ate an English muffin. I was rather young, but I remember that I had decided, like so many kids do, that I did not like English muffins though I had never tasted one before. Why I decided I didn’t like them I’ll never know. Then, when I was around 5 or 6, I believe, we had a family get together. For one of the breakfasts, someone had toasted up a whole platter full of them. I refused to eat them, but was told that it was the English muffins or nothing as the general rule with our family was that the kids... read more

Soup in 20 Minutes-Thai Coconut Chicken Soup

  • by PeteModerator

  In general, I am a fan of cooking from scratch, though occasionally some of the recipes on here do use, and even benefit from, premade products or shortcuts. I try not to make it a habit when cooking, but every cook should have an arsenal of shortcuts at their disposal for those “last minute” meals, or when you just don’t feel like cooking and take out doesn’t sound appetizing.   Recently, my family has been eating a lot of this Chicken Coconut Soup that I’ve been making. It’s based on the Thai soup, Tom Ka Gai. I hesitate to call it authentic Tom Ka Gai, as I... read more

Cinnamon Rolls

  • by PeteModerator

  I know I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again, “My wife rocks!!!!” I woke up this morning to the smell of cinnamon rolls baking, and there is no better smell in the world! I love the fact that my wife can cook so well, which, in this day and age, is saying something. I am constantly amazed by the number of people I meet that “can’t cook.” I know I’ve said it here before, but it never ceases to amaze me. Luckily, I think we are starting to see that trend change. Just look at all the good food blogs out there today. It seems that people have finally awakened and... read more

Homemade Grenadine and a Gin Cocktail

  • by PeteModerator

  In my long career, in the restaurant world, I’ve held most every position there is, from dishwasher and busboy to chef and manager and pretty much every job in between. While I have enjoyed cooking the most, my second favorite job has always been bartender. I love the interaction with the patrons and enjoyed the showy aspect of creating a good cocktail. I took pride in the drinks I poured and would handcraft each one.   While this country may be experiencing a “cocktail revolution” or “re-awakening” I still am disappointed by the number of bartenders that really... read more

Izzy's NY Rye Bread

On The Baking Circle recently, there has been much discussion of rye bread. This is a subject near and dear to my heart. I thought I would take another run at Izzy's NY Rye from  ​ . This is the dough before fermentation.       I took some liberties. I didn't use a true rye starter. I refreshed some wheat barm with a massive dose of pumpernickel flour. To build the dough I used white rye flour and first clear flour. Having built the starter with dark rye, I was happy to read that Silverton and Izzy settled on the same approach. I'd rather be lucky than... read more

Sunday Brunch-Shirred Eggs and Maple Glazed Bacon

  • by PeteModerator

  I had forgotten how much I like properly shirred (baked) eggs, until this past Sunday, when I was searching for a simple, yet elegant dish for my wife and I to enjoy for Sunday brunch. I wasn’t in the mood for an omelet and we always tend to do a variation on Benedicts when looking for something a little special so I went digging around in my cookbooks and was reminded of shirred eggs. I hadn’t done something like that in years, so it would be a novel dish for my wife, and better yet, Shirred Eggs is one of those dishes that is just ripe for variations.   At its... read more

Making Sausage-Spicy Italian Sausage

  • by PeteModerator

  This past September my wife and I bought 1/2 a hog and I had promised to write about some of the things I did with the meat. Well, as usual for me, I did a few things, like make bacon, but then didn’t write much about it after that. It’s not that we haven’t used any of the pork we got, it’s more the fact that I was too lazy to write about it, or didn’t think that the simple roasts we did were worth writing about. This past week I was determined to change that so Sunday was “Sausage Making Day” at the Martin household. With just under 10 pounds of pork trim, I... read more

Lime Marmalade

  • by PeteModerator

  I have no idea why I decided to make Lime Marmalade today. The idea popped into my mind yesterday though I don’t know why. I think the idea first took seed last Friday as we were sitting at our regular breakfast place, waiting for our food to arrive. On the table were those little packets of jelly, one of the flavors being Orange Marmalade. I’ve seen it there many, many times but that day for some reason it caught my eye and stuck with me. The funny thing is, I don’t even really care for marmalade all that much. I don’t dislike it, it’s just not my first, second, or... read more

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