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Roasting Coffee Beans At Home

If you are a coffee lover then the thought of roasting your coffee beans at home has probably crossed your mind. While the process is not complicated it does require some financial investment up front. There are many equipment options and while often roasting your own beans can be more a labor of love it can save you money. Coast savings aside there is nothing quite like the smell of freshly roasted coffee and the plain fun of trying different beans and experimenting roasting times.   Equipment There are numerous equipment options and in this article on ChefTalk you... read more

No Apologies

  Apologies have no place in the kitchen. Every movement is intentional, each gesture purposefully calculated. Every stroke, thrust and exploit have been prescribed as part of the cooking ritual. So, if Server Cody carelessly walks to the aft of a cook without the requisite “Behind!” bellow and gets burned, then Cody has, well, a scar to share with his friends at the next barbecue, and he has learned that cooks do not alter their paths for the sake of Cody’s peachy-white arm flesh. If Catering Coordinator Lady Sarah-the-Meanie gets barked at for doing some asinine... read more

Terms Of Service


Let me start be saying that great cooks, either professional or home, are made not born.  But why?  What gives someone that drive to learn to cook.  What makes someone say, "I could just boil this and eat it, or I could parboil it, then saute it in butter and it will taste amazing!"  The truth is that there is no easy answer to that.  Every person that has ever put on an apron and taken on the mantle of meal maker has different reasons for why he or she does that.  For some it is personal drive to be the best at what they do.  For others it comes from their past.  For me... read more

A Brief Tour of American Barbecue

  • by PeteModerator

Barbecue, barbeque, BBQ, or Bar-B-Que, no matter how you spell it America has developed an insatiable appetite for the stuff.  Restaurants specialize in it, competitions abound, and backyard grill jockeys brag about their deftness at creating perfectly tender, spicy, smoked meats.  But with all this hullaballoo, I would bet that, if you asked the average person to describe barbecue the first thing they would mention is baby back ribs slathered with a sweet and spicy tomato based sauce.  While that certainly is barbecue, it is but one type of barbecue, and one that isn’t... read more

Emotions Storm in the Culinary Industry

   The universe of pots, pans, cutlery and flames is not for anyone and certainly not for everyone. Entering and continuing in the industry can leave a person excited, rageful, happy, irriated or even homicidal, sometimes all in the same day or in the same hour. The culinary industry is one where the moment you believe you are doing a great job and think your a hero, and in two minutes you can be in the weeds feeling crumby and very zeroish. Culinary freshman and veterans all have good and bad days, or have mixed feelings days where they just can´t help but to swear,... read more

Dutch Oven 101

If you think all cookware is the same, then you've never used a cast iron Dutch oven. Traditionally loved for long, slow cooking of roasts and stews, Dutch ovens are flexible enough to bake cakes and breads, boil sauces, braise meats and even flash-cook entire meals in record time.   Humans have a long history of cooking in Dutch oven-type vessels as cast metal pots have been used for cooking in Europe since at least as early as the late eighth century.     The term "Dutch oven" may originate from a Dutch casting process brought to England, and from there to the... read more

The Dogs of War

  The boxing ring of the kitchen is full of choosing which battles to engage and those to which you turn away. It is full of days ruminating about the ass-hat wearing cook that refuses to wear a chef coat. Take that punch and look to the other corner. When it comes raise time, though, the war will be won while his battle has been lost. The seafood delivery comes in with questionable mussels, the driver insisting the quality is “exceptional.” That gets a body blow as the mussels go out the door and the sales rep gets an early-morning wake-up call. The manager... read more

Boost Your Healthy By Bean Sprouts and Vegetable Salad

You might have gone through many salad recipe. What's new here? “All salad are healthy and tasty as well”. Wait! You are wrong. Do a diabetic patient have a fruit salad? No. Not at all. It will cause a sharp spike in blood sugar. Even If you are not diabetic, excessive intake of fruit salad can increase level of calories. Why don't you switch on to something really healthy and will remain so even consumed excessively. Vegetables are something which is recommended by everyone to anyone. Try this below simple recipe to make a vegetable salad along with sprouted beans. I... read more

A Shiny Spot in a Grimy Industry

    There is always something screwing up the kitchen mojo. There are few travels across the restaurant universe that are smooth sailing. A surly cook that needs a good ass-kicking; a broken compressor in the walk-in is certainly going to make the day interesting; the seafood delivery didn’t get ordered in time, so no char, mussels and crab for tonight. There are also the larger, darker clouds that must get blown away before there is any basking under the sunlight of a well-executed meal; staff morale, slipping quality,  lack of focus. I stepped over the cigarette... read more

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