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How To Use A Chef Knife Part I

The most important tool on the kitchen? Even though chefs disagree about almost everything, most, if not all would agree that knives are the most important tool. Without their knives--their own personal knives--chefs would not perform as well as they do. It's like a professional musician who intimately knows how his or her own particular instrument plays. Knives are the one thing in the kitchen that are absolutely worth spending the money on. A good knife will last decades and may even be passed down to the next generation. But how do you know which knives are the best?... read more

How To Make Spring Rolls

by: Chef Jim Berman Springtime is sensational for reinvention. All around us there are new vegetables poking up there first little leaves of the season. The gift wrapping is an early morning shower, shrouding the plantings in a damp haze. There are wonderful fruits hitting the market from closer rather than further away. Different specimens of ingredients are afoot. With invention comes innovation. And improvisation. So, with so many delicious components for our meals, it is meaningful to play with your food rather than simply prepare it. Look at those lime-green... read more

Life After Culinary School And Becoming A Chef

It has been a good six months since I last wrote an entry for Cheftalk, and I have gone through more than I can write about.  If a PC could run out of ink, I could easily run it dry.  Instead, we'll revert back to 10th grade English Literature and go straight to the Cliff Notes version. Early this year my wife and I decided it was time to move again, for the last time, again.  In May I took a Sous Chef job with a large natural foods grocery chain opening a store in Sacramento.  I went into the job with nothing but excitement about having responsibility and helping the... read more

How To Improve Employee Performance And Ensure Consistent Service

Consistency is essential if you want your restaurant or hotel to be successful in the long run. Customers expect to receive the same high quality service every time they enter your establishment. Employees need to know how to do their job effectively in order to ensure the consistent success of your business.  Employees who receive inadequate training or are unaware of their job responsibilities will cost you customers and revenue.  The more you leave to your employees' judgment, the less likely it is that they will do things the way you would like them done.  Your... read more

What To Do With Herb Stems

Like most foodies who have their own herb garden I always have a good amount of herb stems and I thought I would share one idea on how I use mine. This is a community wiki so please feel free to add your own ideas to this wiki. Just click edit and add your ideas of photos or whatever.   Left-Over Herb Stem Ideas   Herb Oil I simply take the stems I have left over and place them in a canning jar or any clean jar with a tight fighting lid and add oil. You can add whatever you like and in the oil I am making here I added parsley stems, basil stems, thyme, chives... read more

Review Of Planet Barbecue Spice Pastes Rubs

By Chef Peter Martin   As a young chef, I read countless cookbooks to expand my knowledge and help me develop my own style of cooking.  While I have many favorites there are probably only a few that really helped to truly define me as a chef.  One of those books was Steven Raichlen’s “The Barbecue! Bible.”  I had been dabbling in barbecuing and smoking foods for a number of years by then, but it was while reading that book that I became inspired to really delve into the world of barbecue and learn all its aspects and nuances.   Needless to say, in the... read more

Frequently Asked Questions

General What is ChefTalk? Why should I join? Is it free to join?   Registration Issues Why do I need to validate my email? I never got my email validation email! I forgot my password. What should I do? How do I change my email address and password? Can I change my user name after I register? Why does registration require my Zip Code and Birthday for registration?   Using ChefTalk Forums, wikis, product reviews...which one do I use? How are they different? Do you have tutorials on using the site? Can I... read more

Food Photography For At Home Cooks - Post Editing

Post Editing   In my previous article I discussed what are the two most important concepts in food photography and also provided information on how an at home food photographer can construct a setup without breaking the bank. I will continue this article as an easy read with deep links to more information for those that are so inclined.   This installment will discuss something that is perhaps less glamorous, yet still a very necessary aspect of food photography. For the purists that think a shot should be “captured” completely on film and without aid of modern... read more

How To Baste An Egg

Perhaps the most miss understood preparation of eggs is the Basted Egg.  Requesting basted eggs is a little like being a tea drinker in the USA.  If you are a tea drinker and request tea either with breakfast or after dinner, you know what I mean.  The system is not designed to handle such requests.  If you go with the system you could have 6 cups off coffee by the time one cup of tea arrives!  And refills?  Forget it..... and so you are prepared to understand the problems associated with ordering a basted egg.  I am putting this blog together so others might find it... read more

I am a Cook not a Rocket Scientist

I am a cook.  Not a Chef, not a professional by any means, but a simple been cooking since I was a little girl, cook for home and family, supper on the table every day, at home cook.  There is nothing wrong with that.  In fact, I was very proud of the praise my family and friends often gave me on my homemade rolls, on the pound cake recipe which won me 2 blue ribbons at the local fairs, at the cinnamon buns which stopped people in their tracks when they had one, the eggplant parmesan that would bring my father and mother in law (God rest their soles) in a matter of... read more

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