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Red Wine And White Meat

The fourth Thursday of November will always be Thanksgiving but if you're an oenophile, it's the third Thursday that you look forward to.  That's when Beaujolais Nouveau, the vinicultural herald of the holiday season, is released.  Let's take a tour of Beaujolais before returning to this specific and festive wine.Beaujolais, (boh-zhuh-LAY), like most French wines, is named for the region of France, not the grape, from which it emanates.  Beaujolais is a 35 mile strip of granite hills, containing over 55,000 acres of vineyards, between the towns of Lyons and Macon in... read more


         Garlic Variety: wild, common, wide variety Part use: flower, bulb, stem, roots Actions: antiseptic, anti-viral, diaphoretic, cholagogue, hypotensive, anti-spasmodic, Apothecary: Garlic is the root of life, named by the Chinese. One of the rare plant to be recognised with universal usage. It is most valuable plant to fight microbial, bacterial & virus infections, as well as destroying alimentary parasites. Internal: Here is a list of the usage of the plant that Garlic is employed for Chronic bronchitis, Respiratory catarrh, recurrent cold,... read more

Of Barley And Hops Tasting And Discovering Beer

  • by PeteModerator

Written By Chef Peter Martin Having grown up in the restaurant business and being surrounded by great food, I am hard pressed to think of many food related revelations or epiphanies that I have had.  Sure there have been some great moments such as my first taste of Foie Gras, my first bite of a Maine lobster, or the first truffle I ever tasted, but these events were not life altering.  No, these events haven't had nearly the same impact on me as my first experience with great beer.  I wasn't 2 months into my culinary education at New England Culinary Institute, when,... read more

Does A Publicist Make It Taste Better

Whether we realize it or not, we are all publicists. We represent and promote ourselves and our businesses every time we interact with other people. The image we project is our brand, and our brand dictates how customers feel about our products and services. In any industry, but particularly in the restaurant/hospitality market, a powerful brand is the key to long-term success-especially in a highly competitive market. Public relations is not just for large organizations. In the long run it's far less costly and often more effective than print or broadcast advertising. A... read more

How To Cook Fish N Chips

There are a few things that I need to say regarding one of my country's most favored foods. Dating back to the seventeenth century, fish and chips have had a long standing as Britain's best loved fast food. Fish and chips are not served in newspaper. The news paper thing is from days gone by. The reason for the use of yesterday's news to serve this fine product was not just our century old tradition of recycling but of course cost. Being that newspaper print is a little toxic people started going off the concept of eating food from it. Cod & Chips! When I return home... read more

Sopes con Carne

  • by PeteModerator

  Growing up in small town mid-America I wasn’t exposed to a whole lot of ethnic foods beyond the standard Americanized Italian, Chinese and Mexican. While I loved “Mexican” food, I really hadn’t realized that there was much more to the cuisine than tacos and burritos stuffed with either ground beef or chicken and served with a side of beans and rice. Sure, I encountered the occasional enchilada and even more rarely, the occasional tamale, but my experiences were rather limited. Once out of high school though, and able to travel, I discovered that Mexican cuisine was... read more

Review Tutorial

Learn: How To Write A Review How To Edit A Review What Makes A Great Review? Can I Review My Own Products or Business I Am Connected To?     How To Write A Review Navigate to the page of the item you would like to review. Click "Write a Review"  There is a link near the top for this, or a button under the user reviews. The review creator has a few different fields.  In order to submit your review, you MUST fill in a Review Title, an Overall star rating, and a Full Review.  You are more than welcome to add Pros, Cons, other star... read more

Cooking For A Tailgating Party

  • by PeteModerator

The sun is shining.  You lazily sip an adult malted beverage as the scent of meat, sizzling over a charcoal fire, wafts through the air.  The kids are happily playing a few feet away, when suddenly, from out of the charcoal fueled haze, a man appears, half naked and painted from head to toe in bright and gaudy war paint.  He screams his war chant at you and you retaliate with one of your own.  Amazingly, no one around you seems to even take notice.  You have left reality behind and have entered into the Tailgate Zone along with a few thousand others, all of whom you... read more

Q And A Forum With James Peterson This Week

James Peterson grew up in northern California and pursued a degree in Chemistry at UC Berkeley. After his studies, he traveled around the world, working his way from Japan to Hong Kong, to Bangkok, to India and eventually, by land, to Europe. It was in France that he found his calling, inspired by the French attitude toward food and drink.Eventually, Jim  settled in France and worked at two of what were France's greatest restaurants at the time, George Blanc in the Bresse district, and Vivarois in Paris. It was largely his experiences in these restaurants that shaped... read more

A Duo of Beef Jerky Recipes

  • by PeteModerator

    A few years ago I received a food dehydrator that I wrote a review for, here on Chef Talk.  While it isn't a piece of equipment that I pull out often I do pull it out occasionally, usually to make fruit leather for my daughter, but has my wife is a big fan of jerky I do occasionally pull it out to make something for her.   This weekend I got a chance to play around, again, with making jerky, and I have to say, I was rather pleased with the results. It sure beats out most of the big name brand jerkys out there and is a heck of a lot less expensive than buying... read more

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