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Discussion Forum Tutorial

  Learn how to: Use the Forums Start A New Thread Reply To A Post Reply With A Quotation Edit Your Post Rate Posts Report A Post Export A Forum Post To A Wiki   Read the Forums Understand The Icons Read All New Posts Go To The First Unread Post In A Thread Use The Activity Feed Mark Forums As Read   Using the Forums Start A New Thread Begin by navigating to the appropriate forum. Once in the desired forum, at the top left, you'll see the Forum Nav tools including the "New Thread"... read more

How To Make Old Fashioned NY Sour Corn Rye Bread

I love rye bread. Buying great rye bread here in NYC is easy. Making it is a different story! Here are my attempts to create an old fashioned NY Sour Corn Rye. First up is my latest attempt. It part of the Magnificent Maggie Glezer Adventure, and id awfully good.     This is the real deal, tight crumb, chewy crust, big flavor!       First things first, converted a firm starter a la Maggie, to a rye starter with two rye feedings.     Here's a little departure from Izzy's NY Rye, which is now a close second in my heart. The "ferments" for only 15-20... read more

Homemade Soft Pretzels

  • by PeteModerator

  One of the things I remember most about living in NYC were the pretzel carts that dotted the corners throughout Greenwich Village. Sure I remember the hot dog carts, but to be honest, I’m more of a fan of Chicago dogs than New York dogs (sorry NYC!). But I loved those pretzel carts, serving up hot, soft pretzels drizzled with American style, yellow mustard, none of that dijon or whole grain stuff!!! My mouth is watering just thinking about them. But my love of pretzels goes much farther back to when I was a little kid. In fact, I don’t remember a time when I didn’t... read more

Preserving Foods

Noah carried the slabs of meat into the kitchen and cut it into small salting blocks, and Ma patted the course salt in, laid it piece by piece in the kegs, careful that no two pieces touched each other. She laid the slabs like bricks, and pounded salt in the spaces. --John Steinbeck, The Grapes of Wrath Really Slow Food... The other day I was rummaging around in the crisper drawer of my refrigerator and what I found was anything but crisp. About a month ago I had purchased two heads of cabbage and I used most of it to make kim chi (Korean-style sauerkraut), which sits... read more

Search And Advanced Search Tutorial

Learn how to: Use the Basic Search Mode Use the Advanced Search Use Boolean Operators And Wildcards In Search Save Your Searches   Use the Basic Search Mode How To Execute a Basic Search At the top of every page, you will see the search bar to search the entire site (forums, reviews, Wikis, user profiles, etc). Enter your search keywords into the search bar. Click the "Search" button. Your results will display on several different tabs, divided up by the different types of content.  The first tab will show all of the results... read more

Does A Publicist Make It Taste Better

Whether we realize it or not, we are all publicists. We represent and promote ourselves and our businesses every time we interact with other people. The image we project is our brand, and our brand dictates how customers feel about our products and services. In any industry, but particularly in the restaurant/hospitality market, a powerful brand is the key to long-term success-especially in a highly competitive market. Public relations is not just for large organizations. In the long run it's far less costly and often more effective than print or broadcast advertising. A... read more

Urbani White Truffles And Truffle Honey

What better way to spend the slow cold month of January working with some fresh Urbani white truffles? Few ingredients instill both trepidation and elation in cooks more so than fresh truffles. Tears may flow at their mere site, out loud blubbering may commence with the opportunity to handle such a malformed fungal growth and outright elation with a follow-up cigarette may be warranted with the opportunity to cook with, arguably, the most costly food ingredient on the planet. There is a certain command respect for any component to a dish that demands over $200 per... read more

Tagging Tutorial

Tagging Overview   Google, Bing, Yahoo!, and any other major search engine has changed the game for product discoverability. Your site connects its members and visitors directly to products, and these are products people are asking about, researching, and thinking about buying - this notion is incredibly empowering. Tagging gives a site the ability to harness this intent, and lead people to make excellent purchasing decisions while making some cash yourself. This is literally a win-win, so keep reading because this is the best thing in your life.    There are various... read more

Pastitsio-Greek "Lasagna"

  • by PeteModerator

  It’s time to dirty a few dishes. Okay, more than a few, but making pastitsio is worth the pile of pots and pans it requires to make it. If you are not familiar with pastitsio, it is a layered pasta dish, kind of similar to Italian Lasagna, most often associated with Greek cuisine although a similar dish can be found throughout the Mediterranean and Middle East. Often made with lamb, although beef is common also, the dish starts with a layer of pasta, then a layer of meat sauce, followed by another layer of pasta, and finally topped with with a rich bechemel, often... read more

Bordeaux Wines

Bordeaux, (Bor-DOH), is one of the world’s best wines.  But Bordeaux’s geography, nomenclature, grape varieties, and outdated classification system is confusing enough to drive you to drink.  Hmmmm.  Maybe that’s the plan? Let’s see if we can make this wonderful wine more mentally palatable. Bordeaux is a wine, a city and a territory.  Bordeaux is a large region in southwest France named after its principal city.  Bordeaux is also the name loosely applied to any wine emanating from within its borders.  In France, wines are named for the geographical area from which... read more

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