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Cooking Pumpkins

It's the Great PumpkinAccording to an Irish myth, one day a man known as "Stingy Jack" for his miserly inclinations had a drink with the devil.  True to his name, Jack convinced the devil to transform himself into a coin in order to pay for the drinks. The devil did so but Jack kept the coin for himself.  He placed it in his pocket next to a cross so the devil could not change back.  Jack then freed the devil under the conditions that he would not bother him for a year and could not claim his soul upon his death.  The following year, Jack trapped the devil in a tree by... read more

Theres A Bear In My Kitchen

Dateline: June 1, 2001 - On the road to Texas Recently, while making a marathon 3000 mile road trip from Western Oregon to the Texas Gulf Coast where I was about to begin a new job, I had ample opportunity to reflect on my career as a professional chef. As the miles clicked off my odometer and I sped past side roads leading to some of America’s most remote and beautiful National Parks I couldn’t help but remember some of my experiences of cooking in out-of-way, back-country kitchens.For some reason, bears have played a significant part in my culinary training.I was born... read more

On Fad Diets

Last night I was at a gathering with a bunch of my wife's teacher coworkers.  During the multitude of different conversations that we had the subject of food inevitably came up and along with it different ways of eating and even dieting.  One of my wife's coworkers mentioned that she no longer ate beef, chicken or pork, make herself a "mostly vegetarian" since she still ate fish and seafood. This was all find and good since she was contentiously making that choice and not really "dieting".  Another then mentioned that she and her husband have been trying out the "paleo"... read more

How To Make A Difference

We all want to make a difference, to create magic moments in the lives of our customers and employees. I will show you how you can make a difference. My goal is to get you so excited, you can’t wait to try this out because you know you are going to be awesome. The first thing I ask my clients who want to improve their service is, "What's it like to work for you? Do your employees feel respected and appreciated?" Before you can ask your employees to deliver service with a smile, you first have to ask yourself, "Am I giving them anything to smile about?" One of the... read more

Embed That Thread!

So you are responding to a discussion and want to link to another thread that is along the same lines. Or maybe you want to reference a product or article on cheftalk well then the way to go is to "EMBED" that thread baby. It is cool, looks so much nicer and is easy to do.     When you are responding to a post and want to insert a link to another cheftalk resource such as another discussion thread follow these steps.     ** Click on the images to see them full size so you can really get how cool "embedding" your links is.     1.) Open up the full options on the... read more

History Of Beer

Don't ask me why, but I've sometimes daydreamed of building a working 17th century-style malting house. The malt produced could be used for onsite brewing demonstrations using 17th century techniques and recipes, with the resulting brew given out as samples or sold to the populace. I think it would also be fun to work out a slapstick sketch for a 'maltster' and a 'lazy assistant' who lets the malt burn. Such a demonstration would be a good 'draw' for a brew-pub, and a great conversation piece. Gervase Markham, in his "The English Housewife" gives detailed directions on... read more

Bay Leaf

Also called LAUREL LEAF, leaf of the sweet bay tree, Laurus nobilis, an evergreen of the family Lauraceae, indigenous to countries bordering the Mediterranean. They have a woody, astringent flavor with a pleasant, slightly minty aroma. Bay leaves are imported primarily from Turkey. A popular spice used in pickling and marinating and to flavour stews, stuffings, and fish, bay leaves are delicately fragrant but have a bitter taste. They contain approximately 2 percent essential oil, the principal component of which is cineole. The smooth and lustrous dried bay leaves are... read more

A Managers Guide To Employees

I would like to begin this article by saying that in the past 12 years of managing employees of various kitchens that managing union kitchens has made me a better manager of people. I have no doubt that some of our readers are currently managing kitchens that are unionized and have found it to be the most difficult experience that they have ever had. I can most certainly agree with them. But as I have been gaining more experience in this area I can offer my advice and share some of the tools that have helped me grow. In the early years of the development of the... read more

You Never Know Whom You Are Serving

When the economy struggles as it is now, people want to tighten up the purse strings and watch every penny spent.  The restaurant industry feels this just as surely as the malls and department stores do this year, perhaps more so.  Dining out is a luxury most of us cut out first when watching our respective budgets.  Does that mean we ease up on our customer service skills?  Absolutely not!  I believe you cannot afford to let people eat in your restaurant once, only to determine that they will not come back, either in the near future or when their money flows... read more

Natural Rack

Typically most items that are roasted are done so on a metal rack. A natural rack is the use of a food item to take the place of the metal rack. An example of this might be a filet of beef that is roasted on a bed of Rosemary. In this case the Rosemary will act as a rack which allows the filet to cook evenly over the entire surface. read more

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