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The Sorry Secrets Of Sweeteners

The other day I went to buy some of the individual bags of flavored waters for my kids. I was thinking that they would be preferable to the no-sugar-added juice boxes I normally offer to hydrate them in the car. Water, I reasoned, is always a healthier choice than juice. What a surprise, then, to see that one of the most popular brands of these water bags listed high fructose corn syrup as the second ingredient and sucralose as the fourth! Some believe our current epidemic of obesity and skyrocketing health problems including diabetes, heart disease, and cancer can be... read more

How To Cook Asparagus

There was a time when vegetables were available during specific seasons. Now with modern agriculture and transportation technologies this is becoming less true. It seems everything is "in season" all of the time if you are willing to pay the price and sacrifice quality. It is difficult not to succumb to the mountains of tomatoes and asparagus being displayed so temptingly at local grocers twelve months a year. But even if they are of reasonable quality in the dead of winter, there is nothing that can match the excitement and satisfaction of cooking and eating vegetables... read more

Fruits and Vegetables Our World

In our countries we have a lot of vegetables and fruits that may not hold other countries, or do not have the same uses or even unaware that they are not edible ... I want to connect our sense of adventure. I would like to know which fruits and vegetables you work? ... How work? And what preparations do you do with these? read more

On Fad Diets

Last night I was at a gathering with a bunch of my wife's teacher coworkers.  During the multitude of different conversations that we had the subject of food inevitably came up and along with it different ways of eating and even dieting.  One of my wife's coworkers mentioned that she no longer ate beef, chicken or pork, make herself a "mostly vegetarian" since she still ate fish and seafood. This was all find and good since she was contentiously making that choice and not really "dieting".  Another then mentioned that she and her husband have been trying out the "paleo"... read more

Camp Cooking Dutch Oven Cooking

After languishing as a footnote to culinary history, Dutch oven cooking is making a comeback. There are several influences behind this, ranging from the vast numbers of historic reenactors who use them on open fires, to the Dutch oven cooking competitions waged as part of the food-fight phenomenon that’s grown exponentially across the country. There are even a few inns that specialize in Dutch oven cookery. Dutch ovens are the most versatile cookware you can use. Name the cooking technique---from braising to baking, sautéing to deep frying, and you can do it in a Dutch... read more

Unraveling The Complexities Of Burgundy

The term "Burgundy", in the minds of the American masses, has come to denote generic red wine.  Mediocre restaurants often use the term to signify their mundane house red.  But this is analogous to using the term "Coke" to designate all cola drinks.  Yet Coke tastes different than Pepsi, which in turn differs from the supermarket brand.  For the cola connoisseur, only Coca-Cola is real "Coke."  Such is the case with Burgundy. REAL Burgundy is wine made from within the boundaries of the Burgundy region of France.  Red Burgundy is made from the pinot noir (PEE-noh NWAHR)... read more

Horseradish Beyond Roast Beef

If you like horseradish - I mean really like horseradish - then everything that is remotely edible is fair game. For instance, with apple pie, and that's not apocryphal. At the annual horseradish festival in Collinsville, Illinois, horseradish is revered with the kind of passion one usually associates with baseball in the "glory days" at Brooklyn's Ebbets Field. The farmland around Collinsville produces ten million pounds of horseradish a year, and has been appropriately named by the town's promoters as the "horseradish capital of the world." For centuries this member... read more

Helpful Suggestions for Ordering Counter Side

So, let  me start this post by giving a little explanation.  Most people might be wondering why I, someone who works in the kitchen, would have a valid idea or opinion about ordering at a counter.  Well you see, where I work is set up to I am not only the one preparing the food, but I am also taking your order and serving you.  The way it works is that after I finish prepping everything, I set up a hot line where the customer comes up to a counter of sorts, look at the food and order it.  I think the purpose of this set up is that there will be a better connection from... read more

Footprint on the Moon

  Cooking is a job. It is a way to take rough and raw ingredients, turn them into something palatable and, with a little experience and knowledge, perhaps make people happy with the bits and pieces on the plate. And that is all. Political opinion matters for nothing. Chefs that get all high and mighty by sharing their thoughts about, say, the fair treatment of wage-earners in Uganda are not lending any voice to the down-trodden and, more than likely, are laughable for their attempt. Stick to cooking. Desire to do something of measurable impact to save the environment... read more

Lost In The Supermarket

When did this happen, I muttered to myself as I stood clutching the handle of a shopping cart. A woman standing next to me gave me an odd look and pushed her squeaking cart around the next isle. I was staring at lawn chairs in the biggest supermarket I've ever been in. I'm not that nave. I know that in order for supermarkets to stay competitive today they have to sell more than food. Department stores, too, follow this rule and inversely have aisles of groceries. It's as if supermarkets and department stores have morphed into one.  But it suddenly seemed overwhelming... read more

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