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Amaretto Cheesecake Recipe

There is plenty of Amaretto so it has a very nice rounded almond flavour throughout.   Ingredients   3 tbls of Caster Sugar 3 tbls of Butter 85g Plain Digestive Biscuit (crushed)   200g Caster Sugar 450g Cream Cheese 450ml Sour Cream 3 tbls of Cornflower 2 tea spoons of vanilla extract 6 tbls Amaretto Spirit Pinch of Salt 4 Free Range Eggs   Method   Base   Preheat the oven to 180 C / Gas 4   Mix digestives and 3 tbls of caster sugar.   Add melted butter and mix again.   Press into a stringform tin (ideally... read more

Interview With Chef Jonnie Boer

At the age of twenty-four Jonnie Boer took on the position of chef at the Restaurant De Librije. A few years later Jonnie and his wife Thérèse bought the restaurant and soon after they received their first Michelin star. Four years ago the restaurant received its second star making Jonnie at 33 the youngest two star Michelin chef in Holland. Jonnie's style can be described as eclectic, daring and fearless. He has received notoriety not just for his great cooking but also for his commitment to using local commodities along side the more traditional goose liver and... read more

Trends in Kitchen shirts

  The old standard in kitchen shirts is facing some new competition. Gone are the days where the cooks all wear white cook shirts. With more and more restaurants designing open kitchens and other elements that allow diners to see the people who make their food, restaurants have become more mindful of the image their cooks present and are expanding their options.   Don’t get us wrong, the standard cook shirt is a great option.  Kitchen whites will forever be a classic uniform, and nothing screams that your kitchen is spotless and safe than a line cooking wearing a... read more

Barbecued Ribs

  • by PeteModerator

  It has been awhile since I last posted about ribs.  Well, it’s high time I posted again about them as you can never have too many rib, rub, or barbecue sauce recipes as far as I’m concerned. Besides, it gives me a chance to play with my smoker yet again. Man, I love that thing! While have gotten quite adept at barbecuing on my Weber kettle grill, life has become so much easier with my smoker. Now, instead of having to babysit my barbecue all day, I can load it up and let it go, checking it once an hour or so. The downside to that is I can’t use barbecuing as an... read more

An Orange Is An Orange Is An Orange

Imagine this: it's the middle of winter and something as sun drenched and vibrant as citrus fruits are in peak season. In a time when everything always seems to be in season, this may not sound that strange but it's true. Even foods that are as perpetually present in supermarkets as oranges indeed have an optimum period. Though as I write this column it's 8 degrees Fahrenheit outside and hard to imagine anything is actually in season. Oranges are a near-perfect food. One medium sized navel orange has just 80 calories, is cholesterol and sodium free and contains more... read more


Sinfully DeliciousThe famed Greek writer, Homer, gave mention of apples growing in his father's garden prior to the 8th century BC. When Eve entered the Garden of Eden she found a fruit so perfect and enticing that she was in awe, and also, she was tempted. Though various historians have claimed this succulent and tempting fruit to be everything from an apricot, banana, or even a pomegranate, it is most often written that it was an apple. The Latin word for apple is pomum, which is also the Latin word for fruit, implying that the apple is the "fruit of fruits", or at... read more

Chipotle Spiked Chili

  • by PeteModerator

Winter and the holidays are just around the corner. I love the holidays but it dawned on me the other day that they just don’t hold that same feeling, for me, as when I was a kid. There’s that sense of awe and fascination, the giddiness that comes with anticipation, the joy of being so caught up in the moment. I still have many of the same feelings, but they are no longer all-consuming as when I was a child. I watch my daughter, during the holidays, and I see in her all those feelings and emotions and the passion with which she feels them and I miss those days. I miss... read more


In the James Bond movie "Goldeneye", 007 and the villainess are playfully racing down a scenic mountain roadway.  Bond's passenger is a young female coworker sent by M to evaluate him.  Having no stomach for his perilous antics she orders him to stop his Aston Martin immediately.  Bond complies and proceeds to seduce her, but not before opening a secret chilled compartment revealing a bottle of the 1988 Bollinger Grand Annee Champagne.  An outstanding choice, and not just for romance. Another New Years Eve is upon us and countless people the world over will celebrate... read more

The History of Sangría 1800s - Present

  Sangría & Flamenco in Andalusia ...   From its humble Andalusian roots during the 1800s, this wine - party festive punch was first introduced outside of Spain, at the Spanish Pavilion at The World´s Fair in 1964 in Flushing, Queens in the city of New York.   This 4 seasonal festive and bar wine punch is made from the following ingredients and each family and each tavern or restaurant has their own recipe:   Dry un-oaked or Crianza Red wine ( La Rioja, Castilla La Mancha, Andalusia and Valencia bottled red wines )  Freshly chopped Fruit: apple.... read more

Fire Up The Grill

Nothing epitomizes summer cooking more than grilling.  However, grilling can be very confusing.  The more recipes, cookbooks, and perspectives you encounter, the greater the diversity of opinion that arises.  When do you apply the barbeque sauce?  Gas or charcoal?  Flip the food only once or frequently?  High heat or low heat?  Dry rubs or marinades?  Cover closed or open?  It can make ya nuts.  Let's explore the different variables. Barbeque sauce.  It is generally recommended to add it toward the last end of cooking since it is high in sugar and can burn easily.  Some... read more

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