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Standard Article Tutorial

  • by NickoAdministrator

Learn how to: Create A New Article Edit An Existing article Revert An Article To A Previous Version Report An Article     Create A New Article Navigate to the Article home. (Sometimes called a Wiki) On the main article page, you will see several tabs- locate the section you would like to contribute to.   Within that article section, you will see a button to create a new article.  If you do not see this button, you do not have the ability to create articles in this section. Click the "Create Article" button. A popover will... read more

A Managers Guide To Employees

I would like to begin this article by saying that in the past 12 years of managing employees of various kitchens that managing union kitchens has made me a better manager of people. I have no doubt that some of our readers are currently managing kitchens that are unionized and have found it to be the most difficult experience that they have ever had. I can most certainly agree with them. But as I have been gaining more experience in this area I can offer my advice and share some of the tools that have helped me grow. In the early years of the development of the... read more

Savoring The Flavor

Ice Cream: America's favorite dessert! How did it all begin? Where did it come from? How did this plentitude of diverse flavors develop? Back in the early 1600's, confectioners of royal families in Europe first created ice cream. Only the wealthy few could afford the necessary ingredients. Ice, a scarce commodity at the time, and salt were required to freeze the cream. Sugar, an integral part of the formula, was an extremely expensive commodity. The early ice creams were molded like elaborate confectionery pieces and served at royal banquets, such as swans, flowers,... read more

Add A New Item Tutorial

Learn how to: Add A New Item To The Database Edit A Product Description Add A New Image To A Product Page Edit Specs Edit Links Edit A Product Wiki   Add A New Product To The Database We do our best to add a good number of products to each category, but undoubtedly we've missed a few.  Thank you for your help in making the listings more complete!   Navigate to the right product category.  Start of by heading to the review and product page center here.  From there, select the appropriate product category. Click the "Add Item"... read more

Tips And Tipping In The Real World

Some Advice to Servers You have chosen to make your living, at least for awhile, in the hospitality industry - one of the few places people go these days expecting to have a good time. What a great place to be! A unique feature of the service business is the practice of tipping. For most professional service folks, tips are effectively their entire source of income. Now you can love tipping or you can hate it, but you can't argue that tips are instant feedback on how your guests feel about your work. The quality of the interaction with your guests not only... read more

Chilled Soups

In the James Bond movie "Goldfinger," 007 is romancing the ill-fated Jill Masterson, (the woman Goldfinger kills by painting gold), when he notices the champagne has lost its chill.  On his way to the fridge to fetch another bottle she queries as to why he is bothering.  James Bond retorts:  "My dear girl, there are some things that just aren’t done, such as drinking Dom Perignon 1953 above a temperature of 38 degrees Fahrenheit."  Actually most oenophiles would recommend a temp in the 40’s but who’s quibbling?It’s summer time and that means it’s time to start chilling... read more

Out Of The Weeds

Have you ever thought that there has to be an easier way to run a restaurant? For many people, operating a foodservice operation (or most businesses, for that matter) is like being lost in the jungle. Perhaps being lost in the weeds is a more appropriate phrase in the restaurant industry! Every day we show up and hack away at the weeds, trying to keep a clear-enough space to operate. The work is hot, we get sweaty, our backs ache, the bugs bite and we have to keep an eye out for snakes. Still, we can't stop cutting for very long because the weeds grow back quickly... read more

Win One Of Five Copies Of Molto Gusto Easy Italian Cooking By Mario Batali

This Sunday we will be opening up the "Q&A Forum With Mario Batali" so you can post your questions. In addition to the forum we will be giving away five copies of Mario's latest book "Molto Gusto: Easy Italian Cooking" All you need to do to be eligible to win one of the copies is post a question in the forum. Your username will be used and we will draw 5 names randomly. Click here to read ChefTalk's review of Mario's new book Molto Gusto: Easy Italian Cooking See you in the forum. read more

How To Prepare A Panna Cotta With Honey And Strawberries

Tonight it was all about the dessert.  Having worked on it for a day in advance I wanted to make a really nice Panna Cotta and top it with a honey strawberry jam.  So come with me through the assembly of the Panna Cotta. First the 2 cups of cream are heated and infused with half a vanilla bean, split and scraped, 1/3 cup of cane sugar and a couple teaspoons of lemon zest.  When it just comes to simmer, but not a boil, you will remove it from the heat.  Stir 2 Tbsp of cold water together with one teaspoon of gelatin.  Pour into lightly oil ramekins and place it in the... read more

The Casting Call

In the previous article, 'This is Show Business', I compared the restaurant business to Show Business.  In restaurant show business, quality 'Casting' or recruitment, is an important factor in the success of the show. Think of a typical theatre performance- the audience files in, the curtain goes up, the actors make their entrances and speak their lines. If each and every cast member, not to mention the writer, director, stagehands, customers, makeup artists, and lighting technicians, have prepared themselves and the theatre well, the audience enjoys the show and tells... read more

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