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Bay Leaf

Also called LAUREL LEAF, leaf of the sweet bay tree, Laurus nobilis, an evergreen of the family Lauraceae, indigenous to countries bordering the Mediterranean. They have a woody, astringent flavor with a pleasant, slightly minty aroma. Bay leaves are imported primarily from Turkey. A popular spice used in pickling and marinating and to flavour stews, stuffings, and fish, bay leaves are delicately fragrant but have a bitter taste. They contain approximately 2 percent essential oil, the principal component of which is cineole. The smooth and lustrous dried bay leaves are... read more

Natural Rack

Typically most items that are roasted are done so on a metal rack. A natural rack is the use of a food item to take the place of the metal rack. An example of this might be a filet of beef that is roasted on a bed of Rosemary. In this case the Rosemary will act as a rack which allows the filet to cook evenly over the entire surface. read more

Citrus Zest Beauty Is Skin Deep

For the many who insist that beauty is only skin deep, I ask those good souls to consider the lemon; with that citrus wonder, a most worthy part is the skin. More specifically, it is the skin's very outer most colored layer where the good cook looks for the supreme element; it's called the "zest" and what an appropriate title it is. Too often shoppers fail to heed what they are passing over as they forage for the plumpest juice lemon in the neighborhood market. While squeezing and massaging each piece of fruit, the uninitiated are ignoring a vital area of the lemon. As... read more

You Never Know Whom You Are Serving

When the economy struggles as it is now, people want to tighten up the purse strings and watch every penny spent.  The restaurant industry feels this just as surely as the malls and department stores do this year, perhaps more so.  Dining out is a luxury most of us cut out first when watching our respective budgets.  Does that mean we ease up on our customer service skills?  Absolutely not!  I believe you cannot afford to let people eat in your restaurant once, only to determine that they will not come back, either in the near future or when their money flows... read more

Creating Raving Fans Of Our Employees

One of the basics of excellent service is to treat your internal customers as you would your external customers. You can't move forward and win customers without the passionate devotion and commitment of your employees. People are the heart and soul of your company and also the public face and we must take great care of them. We can't ever miss the opportunity to reinforce, recognize and reward behavior. This is one of the major reasons that service people give bad service to their customer; they reflect the way they are treated by their bosses and they pass it right on... read more

This Is Showbusiness

In today's increasingly competitive hospitality industry, owners and managers are constantly seeking the answer to an important question- How do you recruit, retain, and motivate employees that are responsible for creating a "magical" experience which exceeds your guest's expectations? Some answers may be found by looking to successful companies that are consistently achieving these goals. William Shakespeare wrote, ‘All the world's a stage, and all the men and women merely players’.  One company that exemplifies that quote is the Walt Disney World Co. Disney is... read more

Embed That Thread!

So you are responding to a discussion and want to link to another thread that is along the same lines. Or maybe you want to reference a product or article on cheftalk well then the way to go is to "EMBED" that thread baby. It is cool, looks so much nicer and is easy to do.     When you are responding to a post and want to insert a link to another cheftalk resource such as another discussion thread follow these steps.     ** Click on the images to see them full size so you can really get how cool "embedding" your links is.     1.) Open up the full options on the... read more

A Managers Guide To Employees

I would like to begin this article by saying that in the past 12 years of managing employees of various kitchens that managing union kitchens has made me a better manager of people. I have no doubt that some of our readers are currently managing kitchens that are unionized and have found it to be the most difficult experience that they have ever had. I can most certainly agree with them. But as I have been gaining more experience in this area I can offer my advice and share some of the tools that have helped me grow. In the early years of the development of the... read more

Tips And Tipping In The Real World

Some Advice to Servers You have chosen to make your living, at least for awhile, in the hospitality industry - one of the few places people go these days expecting to have a good time. What a great place to be! A unique feature of the service business is the practice of tipping. For most professional service folks, tips are effectively their entire source of income. Now you can love tipping or you can hate it, but you can't argue that tips are instant feedback on how your guests feel about your work. The quality of the interaction with your guests not only... read more

Out Of The Weeds

Have you ever thought that there has to be an easier way to run a restaurant? For many people, operating a foodservice operation (or most businesses, for that matter) is like being lost in the jungle. Perhaps being lost in the weeds is a more appropriate phrase in the restaurant industry! Every day we show up and hack away at the weeds, trying to keep a clear-enough space to operate. The work is hot, we get sweaty, our backs ache, the bugs bite and we have to keep an eye out for snakes. Still, we can't stop cutting for very long because the weeds grow back quickly... read more

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