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How To Cut Up A Whole Chicken

by: Chef Jim Berman "Chicken pays the rent," said the chef for whom I worked during my apprenticeship, "it's what people want to eat when they don't know what to eat." That was the gospel for me. Have chicken; pay bills; got it! Being the twenty year-old know-it-all, I asked about cutting whole chickens. "I could pay somebody to take them apart, use the breasts and try to find a use for the rest. I buy them boned and skinned, then buy necks and backs for stock." So, I have been torn over the years; lower price to buy whole chickens and fabricate them myself, with added... read more

Why You Shouldn’t Be Using Commercial Equipment in Your Residential Kitchen

The dancing flames of a large open gas burning commercial range seem to beg for a pot or a pan to be used, to create a scrumptious dish that will leave your family and friends ooh-ing and aah-ing. Perhaps a fabulous outdoor kitchen set up is part of your dream house, and a large piece of commercial equipment would complete the look. Or maybe, you want to upgrade your refrigerator or freezer to something with more oomph.   Think again.   Commercial kitchen equipment is not made for residential use. Let’s take a look at why:   Your home fire insurance... read more

How To Use A Chef Knife Part II

In our last class session, we discussed the importance of knives and learned how to judge the quality of a knife. In this class we will look at which knives any well-organized kitchen should have, and how to keep them sharp. A trip to a cooking store will reveal a wide array of different knives. They vary in length, thickness and function. While each knife is valuable, I consider the following 5 knives essential tools for any serious cooking: Chef knife-This is the workhorse knife that chefs reach for the most often, and for that reason it is the most important... read more

Onions And Garlic Healthy Cousins

Tonight while making ziti and meatballs for dinner I added raw garlic and onions to the meatball mixture, and as a preliminary step for tomato sauce I sautéed onions and garlic. Yesterday for dinner I had an asparagus omelette with onions and garlic, and the day before that, an apple and cheddar cheese sandwich with raw onion. In retrospect it dawned on me that I, like many people, use garlic and onions a lot, either together or separately. They're the type of ingredients that you either love or hate. Thankfully, I fall into the former category. I'm no rare exception,... read more

Burgatory - Behind the Burger

Behind the Burger: Burgatory, Pittsburgh by Jim Berman CCI     Is the twelve-course degustation menu going by way of Baked Alaska and Tomatoes in Aspic? Perhaps, so. Perhaps the local movement will embed and hang tough; the way we ate 200 years’ ago is new again. Bold plates of quality ingredients is the rage. Only this time around, it is because we want to, not just because we have to; going back to our roots, as if we ever are able to abandon them, if you will. Roots, by definition, provide footing, vital life-giving juices and at the end of the day, a... read more

Caramel Filled Apple Dumplings

  • by PeteModerator

  If you haven’t realized by now that Fall is my favorite season and that apples are one of my favorite foods then either: 1. you haven’t been paying attention, or 2. you are new to this blog and haven’t yet read many of my previous posts. Either way I am not going to bore you today with a rehashing of my previous sentiments. Read a few earlier posts from the last few weeks and you’ll get the picture.   The only thing I will say, before moving on to the recipe for today is that this recipe rocks!!! I know I should be more humble but really, I really liked these when... read more

ChefTalk Monthly Cooking Challenges

2017 - Cooking Challenges                     2016 - Cooking Challenges                                                                2015 - Cooking Challenges                                                         2014 - Cooking Challenges                                                     2013 - Cooking Challenges   Starting back in April 2013 the community began picking monthly food items... read more

Crabcake Benedicts with Bacon Hollandaise

  • by PeteModerator

  Once again we are just a few weeks from the Holidays, here in the US.  With both Thanksgiving and Christmas just around the corner many of us will be hosting family, sometimes for multiple day stays.  Usually I like to keep breakfast an easy affair when hosting family, whether it is bagels from the local bagel shop, overnight breakfast casseroles, or quick, and simple, breakfast breads such as coffeecake or muffins.  But occasionally, I like to pull out all the stops and do something that will "wow" them, and this recipe fits the bill perfectly.   This dish is a... read more

A "No Turkey" Thanksgiving-Roast Pork

  • by PeteModerator

  It’s the beginning of  November and we are just a few weeks away from Thanksgiving, which means the foodie blogosphere is abuzz with all things Thanksgiving related. There are hundreds of recipes for turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, sides, and all manner of desserts, but you don’t see a whole lot about alternatives for turkey. Sure they are out there, but they are certainly overshadowed by the number of turkey recipes available.   I know that there are people out there that won’t be eating turkey for Thanksgiving. Maybe you have a dislike for turkey, which I,... read more

The 5 Facets of a Good Restaurant

        The 5 Facets of A Good Restaurant Jim Berman   A good restaurant is not just about the food. It is about the experience. The experience is about service, the surroundings, the food and a bit of the colorful panache that gets served with each dish. And a bit about the way a titillating dining experience makes you feel after you leave.   1. Do I want to go in there? The cut-out, strip-malled, fake stucco and neon green trim is no more inviting than going to the proctologist with your girlfriend. The McRestaurant landscape is plum-full of... read more › Articles