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Kalua Pig And Cabbage

Kalua Pig or Pork and Cabbage is a popular dish in Hawaii and honestly, it's a snap to make. You’ll find this dish at many “Plate Lunch” joints, especially on Aloha Fridays. In a previous “How-To” article, you’ll find and hopefully have already made a big batch of Kalua Pig.   So, the list of ingredients are: 12oz. Kalua Pig ½ of a small head of Cabbage, chopped in large pieces ½ of a large White Sweet Onion, rough chopped ½ - 1 C. Water 1-2 Tbsp. Vegetable Oil   Here’s what you do:    In a large pan/pot, heat the Vegetable oil on medium and re-heat the... read more

Kalua Pork, Oven Style

The Mother of all invention is need! Having moved away from Hawaii to the Desert SouthWest, Hawaiian Food is not plentiful.  When my husband and I first started coming here many years ago, there wasn’t much of anything, period. Then we moved here permanently.  We found a couple of restaurants that served, kinda-sorta’ Hawaii style food, but, MEH…  Next, we found a market that carried some of the ingredients to make the dishes from back home. My culinary adventure began! The featured dish at any style Luau, be it at someone’s home or a commercial location, is the Kalua... read more

Artisinal chocolate figurines

Now the mold is clipped The following tutorial will show how hollow chocolate figures are decorated, cast, and released from their molds. We start of by preparing the mold: The mold is washed by hand,air dried, and then polished with a cotton facial pad. This ensures that the mold is free from dust, water spots, or other blemishes. The next step is to pipe in with a cornet some dark chocolate. This may seem frivolous at first, but this will become the pupils of the rooster's eyes, and the secondary colouring on the rooster's tail. Now a small drop of colured... read more

Cider Glazed Root Vegetables

  • by PeteModerator

  I hate to admit it but I am not a huge fan of vegetables. Oh, sure, they’re all right, but I would much rather fill up on starch and proteins. I know, I’m such a Midwesterner! In my defense, I have been trying to consume more vegetables in the past few months, but I still have a long way to go. There are notable exceptions to this though. Fresh, in season tomatoes, fennel, and asparagus are just a few I like and I have always loved many of the vegetables from the Brassica genus. This includes things like cauliflower, broccoli, brussels sprouts, and cabbages. It also... read more

Fried Rice

Wow, I had to think about this one. I just, make it.  No recipe, just, MAKE IT. Fried Rice is something I learned to make from my SIL (DH's sister). Every time that we all went to the beach for the day, she would bring some sort of meat to grill and fried rice. My BIL would grill the meat on his little hibachi and there'd be other goodies to nibble on after body surfing for the afternoon (I shouldn't go there, it makes me homesick).  So to me, that's beach food. Here we are, years later in the middle of the desert and I NEED to have little pieces of home every so... read more

Fried Saimin or Noodles

I could eat Fried Saimin any time of day or night, it’s so ONO (delicious). WHOA!  Did you hear that?  That was my stomach, that’s how much I like this dish. I never thought to make it myself. Back home in Hawaii you can get this even at the gas station.  I know, I know the jokes about gas station food, but there’s a company that makes grab-n-go foods for gas stations and they are very good. On our last trip home, we went to the beach every day, duh!  And on the way I got my husband stop to get something to take with us on those long days of baking in the sun.  It... read more

Meyer Lemon Curd

In years gone by, I use to watch Martha Stewart television programs, but, well things happened. In one particular episode, Martha made Lemon Curd and I thought, someday I’ll make that recipe, my way. I love the sweet-tart-tang of Meyer Lemons, so here’s my rendition.   Meyer Lemon Curd   6 Meyer Lemons, juiced (approx. 1 C of juice) 2 C granulated Sugar 12 Eggs Yolks (save those whites for frosting a cake maybe) 2 Sticks or 1 C butter, diced Zest from the 6 Meyer Lemons   In a metal or glass bowl (heat-proof), whisk the egg yolks and sugar. Place the bowl over... read more

Making Creme Brulee

  • by PeteModerator

  I've never understood analogies that compare vanilla to something plain and simple.  Vanilla is exotic, spicy, floral, and comforting and in no way simple, plain or boring.  Sure, it gets used in just about every baked dessert, but just because it's use is widespread doesn't make plain or simple.  Vanilla is the second most expensive spice in the world, after saffron. This is because growing, harvesting and getting vanilla to market is a time-consuming, labor intensive undertaking.  First off, the orchids, that vanilla comes from must be hand pollinated.  The pod... read more

Orange Sherbet

Orange Sherbet The ninth in a series on ice creams, custards and sorbets Jim Berman CCI     Just in time for those fun holiday party punch bowls, I offer you orange sherbet. Yes, that bobbing mass of Titanic-sinking glacial mass of sweetened ice creamy goodness swimming in the overly-sweet, fruit juice and 7-up concoction that makes its way, front and center, to office parties, church bazars and uncomfortable family gatherings. Mispronounced as sher’bert, sherbet is a lower-fat version of the ice cream that we relish in the warm summer months (or on the occasional... read more

How To Roast and Carve a Turkey

  • by PeteModerator

You're finished with school, have moved out of your parents house and have your very first apartment.  You're feeling good about things and decide it's time to take that next great step to becoming a "real" adult.  You invite your parents over for Thanksgiving Dinner.  It sounded like such a great idea 3 weeks ago, but now, with Turkey Day fast approaching, the panic has set in.  "What were you thinking," you ask yourself.  "I can barely make a Grilled Cheese or heat up a can of soup without burning it.  However am I going to roast a turkey and get everything else... read more › How To