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Edamame-Ginger Frozen Custard

Edamame-Ginger Frozen Custard The sixth in a series on ice creams, custards and sorbets Jim Berman CCI   A recent event in Wilmington, Delaware pressed into service a partnership between local farmers and thirty of the area’s restaurants in a down-home culinary throw-down. Set to push the thinking of using local produce as well as kickstarting the egomaniacal competitive spirit of neighboring chefs, there would be no ‘just get it done’ in this affair. Rather, shock and awe would be the prescribed approach by this crew. An abundance of young soybeans stirred... read more

Maki Sushi For Dummies, Like ME!!

When we travel, I like to bring back very different things as souvenirs. On our recent trip to Hawaii, I brought back a mold for Maki Sushi and powdered Sushi Seasoning mix.  I had seen these the last time that we were back home, but passed them by at the time. This morning I was clearing out the refrigerator and I was going to put a half of a pot of cooked white rice into the freezer.  We eat steamed Calrose or sticky rice (I think it’s a medium grain) with many of our meals. DING!  Why not try out my new toy?   I heated the rice back up in the microwave... read more

The perfect home made pizza

Making your own pizza at home has tons of advantages: the kids can help, it's easy and fun to make, and you can use all the leftovers that just lay around in the fridge - everything from yesterday's anti-pasti to the last piece of pepperoni that you know no one is going to eat.  Enjoy! Ingredients    Dough: 3.5 cups (500 grams) flour (preferably bread flour) 8 g dry yeast Quarter cup (300 mL) warm water 1 tablespoon honey Half teaspoon salt Sauce: 4 tablespoons olive oil Leaves from three branches of fresh oregano 2 garlic... read more


  This is the perfect desert for hot summer days. It's really easy to make, and in my opinion it's better than ice cream.     ½ cup sugar 150g Bleached almonds, halved 1 tablespoon oil 2 egg whites 2 egg yolks 180g icing sugar 500 ml heavy cream Place the sugar in a heavy pan, over medium heat. When it turns golden sprinkle the almonds in, lower the heat, and cook until golden brown. Remove from heat. Spread a tablespoon of oil on a large plate, place the almonds on it and set aside for 30 minutes. Smash the almonds into... read more

How to Make Cantaloupe Ice Cream

  Cantaloupe Ice Cream The fifth in a series on ice creams, custards and sorbets Jim Berman CCI Cantaloupe ice cream is a tough gig. There are variables that need addressed; the sweetness of the cantaloupe is a biggie. The ripeness is another. And when pondering a frozen dessert with cantaloupe, it is even a tough call to go the ice cream route or the custard path. Of course, a sorbet would be an easy option. The seasonality of this melon makes for interesting fodder for the frozen churner. Color is a consideration, as well. In this fifth installment on... read more

How To Make Sorbet

Sorbet The fourth in a series on ice creams, custards and sorbets Jim Berman CCI       Sorbet is little more than sweet water and fruit purée or juice. Therein the simplicity holds vast complexity; just a few ingredients work harmoniously to unfold into clean flavors. No dairy and little air worked into the base bears a sweet invention that is bright, often subtle and bracing.   Using the Lello Musso Pola 5030 Dessert Maker, the sorbet goes from raw ingredients to finished product in less than half of an hour. The following is a classic sorbet,... read more

How To Make a Really Good Loaf of Whole Wheat Bread

  It's common knowledge that bread made with whole wheat flour is much healthier than if made with refined flour, and it's a misconception that whole wheat bread be heavy and sodden. But expecting a homemade loaf of whole wheat bread to resemble a soft and squishy supermarket loaf is unrealistic; they are two entirely different breads. Plastic-wrapped supermarket breads have paragraph-long ingredient lists—dough  conditioners, additives, and a litany of unrecognizable words—but a loaf you make at home can have as little as four ingredients. This said, it is possible... read more

Broth, Bouillon, Brodo

  “Good soup is one of the prime ingredients of good living. For soup can do more to lift the spirits and stimulate the appetite than any other one dish.” –Louis P. De Gouy   A few weeks ago as I left my sister's house on Thanksgiving's eve I carried with me not only a very full belly but also a picked-over turkey carcass. Safely enclosed in a plastic bag, I placed it in the rear of my small pickup truck and that's where it stayed for the night. In the morning while still in my pajamas and with coffee cup in hand, I stumbled with a tryptophan hangover outside... read more

How to Make Gnocchi

How to Make Gnocchi James Berman CCI   Gnocchi (naw’kee, if you are from the city; nyo’kee if you are from Italy; yawn’kee if you are Italo-American) are dumplings most commonly of potato construct, served much like pasta and dubious, at best, to make without practice. The technique to create fool-proof gnocchi is not terribly thorny; rather these little puffs are just a trying bunch. Once the formula is refined, the light shines through and gnocchi success can be had.               I have made a lot of really bad gnocchi; from gummy, sticky,... read more

How To Make Green Tea Frozen Custard

How to Make Green Tea Frozen Custard The second in a series on ice creams, custards and sorbets Jim Berman CCI       Frozen custard is not ice cream. While the terms are often used interchangeably, they are not the same dish. Custard has to have eggs by definition and I am not the one writing the book. The book also says that ice cream, however, is egg-less. The end result is that custard produces a different mouth feel and a richer dessert. There is a bit more time invested in custard, but is well worth the extra umph. Also, custard works well to... read more

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