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How To Make a Really Good Loaf of Whole Wheat Bread

  It's common knowledge that bread made with whole wheat flour is much healthier than if made with refined flour, and it's a misconception that whole wheat bread be heavy and sodden. But expecting a homemade loaf of whole wheat bread to resemble a soft and squishy supermarket loaf is unrealistic; they are two entirely different breads. Plastic-wrapped supermarket breads have paragraph-long ingredient lists—dough  conditioners, additives, and a litany of unrecognizable words—but a loaf you make at home can have as little as four ingredients. This said, it is possible... read more

Broth, Bouillon, Brodo

  “Good soup is one of the prime ingredients of good living. For soup can do more to lift the spirits and stimulate the appetite than any other one dish.” –Louis P. De Gouy   A few weeks ago as I left my sister's house on Thanksgiving's eve I carried with me not only a very full belly but also a picked-over turkey carcass. Safely enclosed in a plastic bag, I placed it in the rear of my small pickup truck and that's where it stayed for the night. In the morning while still in my pajamas and with coffee cup in hand, I stumbled with a tryptophan hangover outside... read more

How to Make Gnocchi

How to Make Gnocchi James Berman CCI   Gnocchi (naw’kee, if you are from the city; nyo’kee if you are from Italy; yawn’kee if you are Italo-American) are dumplings most commonly of potato construct, served much like pasta and dubious, at best, to make without practice. The technique to create fool-proof gnocchi is not terribly thorny; rather these little puffs are just a trying bunch. Once the formula is refined, the light shines through and gnocchi success can be had.               I have made a lot of really bad gnocchi; from gummy, sticky,... read more

How To Make Green Tea Frozen Custard

How to Make Green Tea Frozen Custard The second in a series on ice creams, custards and sorbets Jim Berman CCI       Frozen custard is not ice cream. While the terms are often used interchangeably, they are not the same dish. Custard has to have eggs by definition and I am not the one writing the book. The book also says that ice cream, however, is egg-less. The end result is that custard produces a different mouth feel and a richer dessert. There is a bit more time invested in custard, but is well worth the extra umph. Also, custard works well to... read more

How To Stew Stuff

  Often when I discuss cooking I try to emphasize how simple it is and that it may sometimes seem overly complicated when in fact it is not. Of course there are certain culinary techniques to follow—rules, if you like—but for the most part good wholesome cooking is pretty easy. And one of the simplest ways to cook—especially heartier foods during the cold months—is a stew. This can be as simple as putting diced food in a pot and simmering it, or as complicated as Julia Child's three-page recipe for Boeuf Bourguignon (which is a delicious classic and also not as... read more

How To Make Vanilla Ice Cream

How to Make Vanilla Ice Cream The first in a series on ice creams, custards and sorbets Jim Berman CCI     Making ice cream is as richly rewarding as baking bread. It may be heresy, but there it is! I said it! There is no kneading, but there is churning. There is no waiting for yeast to do its thing, but there is waiting for the freezer to do its thing. There are no instant results with the two. And both instill guilt for the waist-conscious. There are artisanal approaches for the duo as well and, ultimately, creating the two is edible therapy.   We... read more

How To Make Rugelach

How to Make Rugelach - Jim Berman       In just about every deli, there is some form of cookie as dessert. In a New York deli, the black and white cookie is king. Where I grew up in Pittsburgh, the sesame seed cookie, halavah, was the packaged slab, almost perfunctory, next to the cash register. Sure, there were the tri-cornered Hammenstashen as the holiday season dictated. And my Gummie (my grandmother’s endearing moniker) made the driest, cardboard-stiff snickerdoodles. Ever. They would shatter diamonds with the most gentle of glances. But, my grandmother... read more

How To Create Add A Cooking Term To Cheftalk Com

This tutorial is to demonstrate how to add a new "Cooking Term" to ChefTalk.com. A cooking term is added to the site to help define,explain and demonstrate a cooking technique or preparation. Some examples of a cooking term that often needs clarification are:   Render Saute Ballentine Sous Chef Brigade Beurre Blanc   When adding a cooking term you must include the name the term and the definition at the very least. Feel free to add a demonstration photo or video along with a recipe if appropriate. Here are the steps to add a cooking... read more

Grilling The Perfect Steak Part Ii Cooking Your Steak

Written By Chef Peter Martin  In Part I of this article I discussed how to choose the perfect steak for grilling, now it is time to discuss what to do once you are home and ready to cook.  From preparation to plating, I will cover all you need to know to Grill the Perfect Steak.   About 30 minutes before you are ready to cook you need to light your charcoal.  Sure you could use a gas grill and skip this step, but gas doesn’t provide as much flavor as charcoal, in my opinion.  That is why I own 2 grills.  A gas grill for convenience when I want to... read more

Mini Multilingual Fish Guide For Menu Reading

  Written By: Margaux Cintrano - Margcata.   At the junction between The Mediterranean and The Atlantic, The Iberian Peninsula enjoys its exquisite variety of fish, shellfish and seafood products. Additionally, The Western Atlantic, The Eastern Atlantic and Southern Atlantic have a diversity of species and uncountable names in English, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Italian, Catalan and French. Here is a Mini Guide to assist in Menu Reading.   1) Herring ( This variety is absent in Iberian waters. )   Spanish: arenque Portuguese: arenque German:... read more

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