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Saccharimeter   Definition: An instrument used to measure the sugar concentration in a liquid               read more


Sajj   Definition: A convex, dome shaped pan or griddle that is placed over a fire or burner on a stovetop. It is used to cook several types of flatbread.               read more

Pastry jagger

Pastry jagger   Definition: A pastry jagger is a pastry wheel with a fluted edge that creates a fancy or decorative design in pastry dough.               read more

Milk sugar

Milk sugar   Definition: Milk sugar is also known as lactose, the sugar naturally occurring in milk.  Milk sugar is the least sweet of all sugars.                 read more


Slurry   Definition: A slurry is a mixture of flour or cornstarch with enough water to make a thin paste. The slurry is added to a liquid and heated to serve or act as a thickener.                                                          What are they saying about slurry ? Exact procedure for using a slurry read more


Butterfat   Definition: The saturated fat found in butter. It is rich in the fat- soluble vitamins A and D and phosphorous.               read more


Albumen   Definition: The white portion of an egg                                                                               read more

Nantua sauce

Nantua sauce   Definition: The name of this sauce is said to have come from a small town in the Bugey region north east of Lyon, France   Ingredients: Bechamel sauce, the cooking juice of fresh water crayfish ( can be sub ) double cream, black truffles (opt ) crayfish butter, brandy, cayenne, salt , pepper.                                                                             The choices :  What goes better with lobster tail bernaise or hollendaise... read more

Coral sauce

Coral sauce   Definition: A sauce which is coral in color and is used for seafood/fish dishes.   Sauce is composed of heads and shells of prawns, lemon grass, garlic, sambal oelek, chicken stock, fish sauce, salt to taste.   Recipes vary.                                                                                                                    Oh the talk on : seafood                                                                                               Served here with... read more

Champagne and orange sauce

Champagne and Orange sauce   Definition: This is a rich yet delicate sauce that pairs well with lobster and or seafood.   Ingredients: shallots, garlic, red peppercorns, bay leaf, rosemary, dill,  butter, champagne, orange juice, cream, cognac, salt and pepper.   Recipes may vary.                                                                                                         read more › Cooking Terms