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Gravy   Definition: 1 ) Juices exuded by roasted meat or poultry. 2 ) A sauce made from these juices by boiling with stock or wine or other liquids (some use vegetable). 3 ) seasoned, and usually thickened with a starch.   There are numerous ways to make gravy, therefore ingredients vary. Terminology can differ regards the term gravy and sauce.                                                                                                                        Some... read more


Sifting   Definition: Passing through a sieve to remove lumps; usually refers to flour or sugar.                                                                                                              Sifted Flour vs unsifted flour                           Question : To sift or not ?!                                                                                  read more


Poaching   Definition: Cooking food in simmering liquid just below the boiling point. Poaching also preserves the texture of food while infusing it with the flavor of the liquid.                         Some thoughts : Poaching Question                                                                              Poaching lobster in butter. read more


Macerate   Definition: To soften food by soaking it in liquid.               Cheesecake w/ Fruit toppings : How to improve the taste.                                                                               macerated strawberries read more


Garnishing   Definition: Enhancing a dish with decorations , usually edible.                                                                                                                   favorite garnishings                                                                                                                                                                                                        read more


Scoring   Definition: 1 -Cutting gashes or narrow grooves on the surface of food. 2- Making a pattern of squares or diamonds on pastry crust.                                                               More info : How to score                                                          Scoring Bread Scoring meat read more


Spit   Definition: Revolving skewer or meat rod on which , meat, poultry , or game is roasted, usually over a charcoal fire.                                                              Accompaniments for Spit Roast Lamb                                                                                                                    read more


Steeping   Definition: 1-Soaking in liquid until saturated with  a soluable ingredient.   2-Soaking to remove an ingredient, such as salt, from smoked ham or salt cod                                                                                              read more


Skimming   Definition: Removing floating matter, such as fat or scum, from the surface of broth, jam,or other liquid.                                                                                                     read more


Quenelles   Definition: Light savory dumplings made with meat or fish and used as a garnish or in a delicate sauce.                                                     Quenelle of caviar / savory Quenelle of carrot sorbet / sweet read more › Cooking Terms