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Arbol Chiles

Small red chilies most often sold dried. They are very hot and have a leathery skin and a thin flesh under the skin. read more


A creamy pureé of poached salt cod, mashed potatoes, cream, olive oil, and ample amounts of sauteed garlic. The mix is usually about half salt cod and potatoes and is indigenious to the south of France. read more


An herb with a pungent horseradish flavor. Added in small amounts to a salad, it can provide a hearty bite. It is also called "rocket".   read more


A small ball shape. read more


The famous fish stew made in Provence, France. It is made from a combination of different fish and shell fish which include: rouget, rascasse, monkfish, saint-pierre, conger eel, and mussels. It is flavored with tomato, fennel, saffron, garlic and orange peel. Bouillabaisse is served with croutons (toasted slices of baguette) and rouille. read more


Is one of the basic cuts which is long and rectangular. This is a knife cut usually with the dimensions of 1/8" x 1/8" x 2", or basically cut like a wooden match stick. To make this cut, first cut slices 1/8" x 2 ". Then cut these slices into strips 1/8" wide.   JULIENNE. — On désigne sous ce nom : un potage aux légumes  (V. POTAGES ET SOUPES) ; une substance quelconque détaillée en fi laments plus ou moins gros. Ainsi l'on dit : julienne de blanc de volaille; julienne de champignons; julienne de truffes; julienne de cornichons, etc. JULIENNE. — Cette dénomination... read more

Bouquet Garni

Typically this is a small bundle of herbs that is tied with string. Herbs that are most commonly used are; bay leaf, parsley, thyme, and other aromatic herbs. A bouquet is generally used in the preparation of stocks and sauces to enhance flavor. read more


A variety of Italian short grain rice used to make risotto.   read more


The process of adding a flavor to a hot liquid medium (i.e. tea) or a cold liquid medium ( i.e. herb oils or vinegar). Infusing can sometimes also pertain to adding a flavor to a solid ingredient ( i.e. vanilla sugar). read more


The use of a liquid to lift caramelized drippings left in a pan after roasting or sautéing. Often dry white wine, stock, or water is used for this purpose. read more › Cooking Terms