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Diplomat sauce

Diplomat sauce   Definition: A Fish stock based veloute sauce , with cream brandy, lobster butter and truffles. Best served with fish or seafood.                                                                                         read more

Diable sauce

Diable sauce   Definition: An espangnole sauce with the addition of wine, vinegar, shallots and red or black pepper. Served mostly with meat or poultry.                                                                                                         Color of sauce. read more

Cumberland sauce

Cumberland sauce   Definition:   A sauce consisting of red current jelly, port, orange and lemon zests, mustard and seasonings. Best served with venison, duck, or other game meats.                                                                                Other thoughts : Sauce for Pork Tenderloin En Croute?                                                                                         read more

Colbert sauce

Colbert sauce   Definition:   A special sauce that combines meat glaze, butter, wine, shallots, terragon, and lemon juice. Best served with game and  grilled meat.                                                                                                      read more

Bigarade sauce

Bigarade sauce   Definition: A  brown sauce flavored with oranges and served with game, namely duck. The term bigarade comes from beef stock, duck drippings, orange and lemon juice and if wanted , curacao. The original recipe used seville oranges. (bigarade: French for bitter)                                                                                                                      read more


Bouillon   Definition: This is any broth made by cooking poultry, vegetables, fish or meat in water. The liquid is strained, which is then used as a base for soups and sauces.                                                                       A good read :       Bouillon for Boeuf Bourgogne?                                                                                           read more

Beurre noisette

Beurre noisette   Definition: Means brown butter in English. Butter cooked to a slight hazelnut color before it become beurre noir.                                                                                                        read more

Aurore sauce

      Aurore sauce   Definition: A bechamel sauce with with the smallest amount of tomato paste to tint it pink.                                                                                              read more

Parisienne sauce

Parisienne sauce   Definition: A very creamy sauce used to top cold asparagus, made by blending cream cheese , oil, chevril, lemon juice, and sometimes paprka for color.                                                                  Great read:      Chefs/restaurants who still use MOTHER SAUCES                                                                                               read more

Albert sauce

Albert sauce   Definition:   A rich horseradish sauce with a base of butter , flour and cream. Usually served with beef.                                                                                                  read more › Cooking Terms