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Vandyke   Definition: Is the verb to describe the process of cutting zig-zag patterns around the circumference of a lemon or other fruit ( orange, kiwi, lime, tomato, melons ) to create a  decorative garnish.                                                                               read more

Foyot sauce

Foyot Sauce   Definition: A variation on the Bearnaise sauce made by adding glace de viande. This sauce is usually served with meat but can be used for other plating. (a.k.a. Valois sauce)                                                                                                     Sauce Foyot and other thoughts :                                                      Glace de veau Viande, Espagnole,... read more

Charon sauce

Charon sauce   Definition: A hollandaise or bearnaise sauce that has been tinted with pink by using tomato puree. Can be served with fish, poultry or meat.                                                                       Read about some nice sauces:              soft shell crab                                                                                     read more


Docking   Definition: The process of making small holes in the surface of an item before baking such as pie crust or pizza.                          Some thoughts :  Bursting dough - How to prevent?                                                                                                A fork can be used as well. read more


Cooking Term   Definition:  Dégrassier:  To skim,  and / or to remove the fatty film that forms over soups, consommés and broths.                 read more

Herbes de Maquis - Corsican

Cooking Term   Definition:  Herbes de Maquis in French translates to the Herbs of Maquis, which stems from Corsica´s diverse aromatic herbs which grow under the brush in their dense numerous forests. This blend of herbs include:   Basil, mint, rosemary, thyme, oregano and cayenne and are used in Corisca on shellfish and pastas.                 read more

China cap

China cap   Definition: A china cap is a cone shaped strainer with larger holes than a chinoise. It is used to remove particles of food , seeds etc.                                                                                     Here is more info : How can I use this item?                                                                                                                                                           read more


Cooking Term   Definition: Dégorger : french term meaning to soak meat, poultry, fish or offal in cold water (with or without vinegar) to eliminate impurities  and blood. Used particularly for white dishes preparations or to dispel the muddy taste of river fish. The term is also use for certain vegetable such as Cucumber, Aubergine, Cabbage by sprinkling salt to eliminate water. Term also use for preparation of snails.               read more

Diplomat sauce

Diplomat sauce   Definition: A Fish stock based veloute sauce , with cream brandy, lobster butter and truffles. Best served with fish or seafood.                                                                                         read more

Creme Fleurette sauce

Creme Fleurette sauce   Definition: A Holladaise sauce with creme fraiche added.                                                                                                          read more

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