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Picholine Olives

A variety of olive that is always sold green. It is medium size, elongated and has its origins in the south of France. Its flavor is mild and nutty. read more

Moroccan Olives

This is not a variety of olive but rather a way of processing black, fully ripened olives in salt or oil so that they become very strongly flavored and assertively bitter. read more

Arbequina Olives

These are very small, even tiny olives that are a medium brown color. They originate in Spain (the Siurana district in Catalonia) and are characterized by a small amount of pleasantly bitter flesh on each olive. They are always brine cured. This olive is also prized for making excellent olive oil read more

Kalamata Olives

A variety of Greek olives that originate from the city of Kalamata in the Southern Peloponnese of Greece. Kalamata olives are pickled in wine vinegar. The pickling process develops a very pronounced flavor of salt and vinegar. They have a very meaty flesh which is strong in flavor. read more

Ligurian Olives

These olives come from the Northern Italian coast that borders France. The olives are not unlike Nicoise olives, but are perhaps a bit more buttery and less acidic. read more › Cooking Terms