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After years of working in high end restaurants in New Orleans, Atlanta and Chicago, Chef Peter Martin found himself living in Wisconsin, and working as a foodservice director for a county jail system. While he enjoyed the freedom of finally having weekends and nights off, to spend time with his family, he started to miss the creative aspects of the culinary world. Thus, Onceachef was born. Peter takes a practical, down-home approach to cooking and is a firm believer that anyone can cook wonderful food with just a little guidance. His love of comfort foods is very apparent, though you will find recipes that span the spectrum from simple to complex. Nor is he shy about extolling the virtues of his new home state, Wisconsin, and its rich agricultural and culinary heritage. From barbecue to Indian cuisine, Peter explores it all, and in doing so shares his passion for the foods we eat.

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After much thought and deliberation I have decided to shut done Once a Chef.  Due to many factors, with work being a large part of that, I have not posted anything new in over a year and as my...

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Bourbon Barrel Chili

I was reminded recently that there can be disadvantages to being a chef. I belong to one of our local Kiwanis groups. The other week, another Kiwanis group, in a town a few miles away, decided to...

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A Pair of Peach Preserves

This post probably should have gone out about 2 weeks ago, as peach season as ended for most of us here in the US, but in case it hasn’t, or you find yourself with a bunch of leftover peaches then...

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Sauerkraut Soup-More Adventures in Fermentation

It’s Monday afternoon, and a cool, overcast, rainy, Autumn day. I worked all weekend so worked a couple of hours early this morning and am taking the rest of the day off. I’m not, normally, a huge...

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German Apple Pancakes

For years I have wanted to travel the Kettle Moraine Scenic Drive in Autumn. It’s a beautiful drive that takes you through the Kettle Moraine State Park as well as a number of cute, little...

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Mango Chipotle Chicken

It’s September and the kids are back in school. It’s hard to believe that summer is behind us, such as it was. I don’t know about your area of the world, but here in Wisconsin we didn’t get much of...

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Wayne’s Jerky

One of the things I love about living in Wisconsin is discovering all the great, little, local food producers around the state, from brewers and distillers, to cheesemakers, to farmers, to...

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Fermented Veggies

I haven’t mentioned it yet this year, but we belong to a new CSA, thanks to my wife. It has been a couple of years since we last belonged to one and this winter my wife decided it was time we...

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Onceachef on ChefTalk

It’s been awhile since I’ve mentioned one of my major sponsors for this blog, “Chef Talk-a food lover’s link to professional chefs.” As many of you are aware, not only do I write this blog but I am...

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West Side Market-Cleveland

I just got back from vacation yesterday. We spent 5 days in Cleveland, Ohio. It may not be the most exciting destination in the world, but my wife has lots of family there, both on her Mom’s and...

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Raspberry Pie

It’s July, and all around this country that means that raspberries are in season. While I love all berries, I am especially fond of raspberries, especially black raspberries, which are becoming...

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Coca Cola Battered Cherries

It’s been a while since my last post, but I hope that all is forgiven once I share this fun recipe with you. The original idea for Coca Cola Battered Cherries came about last year while I was...

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It’s Grilling Season!!!

I’ve been a slacker this winter, I have to admit. I am usually a year round griller, but this year I didn’t do much grilling. It might have been because Wisconsin had a record 54 days below zero....

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Steak Tartare

WARNING This post is all about the consumption of raw meat and eggs. If the above and below images make you queasy then stop reading. If you are a militant vegan or vegetarian you might want to...

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Cafe Hollander-A Review

It was Saturday morning and neither me, or my wife, felt like cooking breakfast, nor was I in the mood for just cereal and/or bagels. I wanted something substantial, which meant gathering everyone...

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