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I'm not a clog user either, but last week I needed to buy new kitchen shoes so what-the-****, I'll give them another try. I went to try the pro birkis and they just felt too flat and the soles too thin. I asked the salesperson about Dansko and she said don't even bother(she was a hard-core Birkie). After reading numerous threads online regarding Dansko clogs, I finally found them at a store and tried them on(the closed back style). These shoes are awesome!!! I've been...
I just made some and it's just soooo good. I'm going to use it as a filling for cookies.
I love this book, one of my first ever pastry books. My lemon bar recipe is actually based on her recipe, and she has other great ideas. Very simple and straightforward.
I ditto Wendy's answer. I used to precut the cakes then insert wax paper patties(comes in a box already precut 6" squares ) into the cuts.
I wouldn't know about humidity. But what I do know is that cake flour is more acidic than other flours due to the bleaching and chlorination. The acidity of the cake batter will cause the structure to set faster and reducing baking time. Other factors that would affect baking time would be type of oven, oven temp., having all cake ingredients at room temp. as opposed to cold eggs/liquids, altitude. Maybe humidity---I'd be interested to find out.... I usually use the...
Yes, the only thing I've used it for is my version of Oreos, but I have a friend who uses it for deep dark chocolate cakes. I'm surprised it isn't easy to get(at least in my old job last year).
At a couple of catering gigs we have served it room temp. No problem.I personally would like it slightly warm with some ice cream.
And I'm also looking for ice-cream scoops for portioning cookies. Sur La Table has them for about $25(French)---that's just mucho dinero when I need varying sizes.
Yes, I'm talking about the basic shapes that come nestled within each other in a tin. The Ateco brand seems to be better made. I can't find a decent restaurant supply store up here and don't know any vendors in the area. I'll probably get them at Sur La Table----but I really miss getting stuff at professional prices!
Or maybe your baking powder was old.
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