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Wendy, it's very simple but you just have to be very careful not to open the cans while they are hot. Very dangerous. Just place a pan of condensed milk in a deep pot and cover with water. Boil for 4 hours(simmer) and then remove pot from heat and let the can cool to room temp. Open can and enjoy the best caramelized milk ever. In Caracas we had "obleas" which were like very thin communion wafers(like pizelles) sandwhiched with dulce de leche and also stuffed caramelized...
Hi Isa. Having grown up in Venezuela, dulce de leche is one of the flavors/desserts very close to my heart. I make it by boiling cans of condensed milk(the way I was taught). I have frozen my dulce de leche with no problem whatsoever. In the fridge, I've kept it about 1-2 weeks max with plastic wrap touching the surface(so no mold problems). Never seems to last that long---someone usually steals it!
Thanks! I'm just looking for cookie cutter sets that aren't too expensive and yet not too cheaply made. I have ordered from kitchen collectables in the past-----they do have great copper ones but at that time I wasn't the one paying for them.... Wendy, that is a great idea! Do you wrap or line the cut side with tape so it isn't too sharp? How much would a soldering gun(?) or machine cost?
In your experience, which website do you recommend for buying cookie cutters and baking supplies?
Our kitchen was 90% Mexican and insisted on listening to the oompa-oompa Mexican polka and ranchera music---so they got their turn from 6am to 10am. After that it was usually alternative or classsic rock. Man, would they complain when the station was switched!
Anglaised based mousses I call bavarian creams. I guess a good ratio would be 1/2 anglaise to 1/2 whipped cream to get a lighter consistency. You do have to add quite a bit of gelatin since the base is more fluid.
That's weird, my box is completely empty! My email should be current---I just emailed you with an old address I had on file.
Wendy, the Amish potato dough-----does it include the use of a starter? Does the dough use a lot of fat(butter)?
I drop in on Cook's Talk once in a while to read the baking discussions(ok, I'm a lurker...). There's some good stuff going on over there and they do seem to be a close knit group of people. I absolutely love the magazine.
Thank you all for the sound advice. My ultimate goal is to sell my own baked goods(wholesale and retail)---but in the meantime I do need a job while I gather research data and knowledge. The job market up here in Seattle for pastry people is not very good(tons of ads for kitchen chefs and cooks). I just don't see myself working in the Safeway bakery----not that their is anything wrong with that(they probably pay decent), but realistically that's just not my style of...
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