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The unemployment rate here in WA. state is pretty high. Since we've moved up here 8 months ago my job situation has been less then stable. I have worked for 3 different companies and now I'm on to the fourth. First one went out of business due to owner's negligence, second one ended up being too filthy and misleading job description, and third one was absolutely perfect except it was a temp. position since the pastry chef was out on disability for 3 months. The owners...
I can sympathize! I haven't ordered chocolate online yet, so it's good to hear about these websites. I just ordered online for the first time Penzey's spices and they rocked! The Vietnamese cinnamon is wonderful. The only website I buy on a regular basis is Barnes & for most of my pastrybooks. And I make sure I always get them only when their free shipping is available. Never had a problem with either website.
This definitely is a sore subject with me. At my former job 2 or 3 of the kitchen guys would come in drunk(not to mention the delivery guy!!)and management would look the other way, since after all, they didn't have proof. What does it take, the delivery guy getting into a car accident and possibly hurting someone?!
Chilled batter, fill all the way to the top of the muffin paper liners and 350-375F oven.
I've never encountered cream of tartar in granular form, it's usually a fine powder----like baking soda or baking powder. I suspect that was your culprit in the recipe. Dry meringues are ususally "French meringue" while Swiss you heat both sugar and whites over double boiler until warm, then whip them up. Kuan is right, you don't need a lot of tartar in the recipe.
I've used a mixture of 1/2 couverture 1/2 coating choc. to dip biscotti and cookies. Callebaut makes a very decent tasting non-temp. coating chocolate.
what does "wash the cake" mean?
Tres leches cake is usually a sponge cake soaked with a mixture of condensed milk, milk and cream. It's either finished with a meringue frosting or whipped cream. For a wedding cake, I would probably soak the cake layers less(so it doesn't leak) and torte with very thin layers of whipped cream(so you can build height and it all won't be sponge cake) or be inventive and come up with a cake filling/mousse that tastes like the 3 leches mixture.
A quick and easy way would be to toss nut pieces in molasses and then bake them until dark golden brown. The method with eggwhites is to toss the nuts in some eggwhites, then into cinamon sugar and then bake.
Wonderful job, Kthull! That really is a beautiful cake----pretty handwriting too!
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