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Standard carrot cakes usually don't include any additional liquids such as buttermilk or applesauce. The cake usually gets its moistness from the water in the carrots, the eggs, oil, high ratio of sugars and sometimes pineapple chunks if used. The oil ratios in your recipe are relatively low for a carrot cake---yours is around 26 %(normal is around 70-75 %), so maybe that's why the applesauce is there. I would probably nix the applesauce and buttermilk and use 3/4 cup...
My sourdough starter which I started about 2 months ago.
Well, I tried it out Crust and Crumb's recipe replacing the biga with 50% starter and adjusting water, etc. Came out great, best sandwhich bread we've ever had. Took about 2 hrs. fermentation with .70% instant yeast.
Would it be advisable to use a starter in a pan bread formula, or is it better to stick with a poolish or biga? Along the lines of 40-50%? Is there a way of converting any straight dough bread formulas to ones using starters?
I've used Cobasan with great results. I've also used small amount of white chocolate. Bighat, great post!!
Very cool! My starter does not produce very acidic breads, but I am very pleased with the flavor results. The depth of flavor is wonderful----the loaves come out with a hint of wheaty nutty sweetness, mahogany reddish blistery crust and great aroma. I've given up on trying to inject steam in any shape or form---I just lose way too much heat and the crust still softens. So I brush the loaves with a small amount of olive oil(I know, it's against the norm, but it's just bread...
Update on my starters---I made Peter's San Francisco sourdough today in baguettes and batards---the taste was amazing!!!! I no longer buy store bought bread since I've been making it on a regular basis. My shaping techniques need improvement, though.
I had to make Chai scones a while back, so I looked at the ingredients in the box of Chai tea and made my own mixture. I'm sure you can also buy the spice from a vendor. Here are the spices I used in order of diminishing amounts: ginger cinnamon black pepper cardamom cloves star anise Grind up in processor.
I have frozen extra lemon curd too.
Wendy, I wish you the best on your freelance pastry career! I am sorry the partnership thing did not work out. Would you be able to elaborate on key points why it didn't work out? PM me if you'd like. My husband and I are currently taking a small business course series----hopefully sometime in the fututre opening our own little pastryshop. I like to hear the pros and cons of partnership(specially from people that have been through it).
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