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I did read the article and thought it was very interesting, but I'm sorry, that cake was really bad. I remember it wasn't a problem with taste, it was texture. Too pudding-like and dense. :)
yes, it would be a very interesting experiment! I remember making a beet cake a couple months back and remember when the cake had baking powder and baking soda it was a deep brown color(sort of muddy color) and when I used all soda the cake came out more chocolatey dark, it really deepened in darkness, which was exactly what I was looking for. But the recipe used unsweetened chocolate and beets, both the acidic ingredients neutralizing the soda.
So if making a chocolate cake with dutched cocoa, would you say less baking soda is used since the cocoa is already neutralized? How would you make the chocolate cake darker(blacker)when using dutch cocoa? I've always been confused by this issue.
m.brown, What color grade of malt powder? My boss got me some at a beer supply store and had to call me because there were so many varieties(dark, amber, amber light, etc.). I think he got me the light amber kind. Up to now I have not tried it because I'm unsure of how much to use.
I make mini 2 oz. brulees for our sampler plates, so it doesn't really take too long, about 20-25 min. Bake them the same way as momoreg, 200 hotel pan with water, covered in foil in a 300 convection oven.
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