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Didier Rosada has a Pugliese article in the recent Modern Baking magazine. 150% biga, 80% mashed potatoes and part whole wheat flour is used. Looks like a good/interesting recipe and I will hopefully try it out this weekend.
Yes danno, that is a great idea! I just went to a truffle class held by William Leahman, pastry chef of Essential Baking Co. in Seattle and he said the same thing about ganache fillings and cocoa mass. He lets his truffles set overnight before sealing or dipping.
Congratulations, Breadster. Sounds wonderful!
Thank you Kyle, big hat and cchiu! I work in %, so I do understand what bighat was saying. I took a class with the bread baker of Essential Bakery, George Pasquale, and his flavored bread recipe used 40% biga. I found it lacking, I did it with 50% biga and I like it better. I'm using 12 hr. poolish with .10% fresh yeast or .03% instant yeast at 70F. The guy I work with makes AMAZING bread, and I notice he uses 24hr. biga/poolish along with his own starter. Bighat, would...
I've been playing with poolish and bigas lately, baking Craig Ponsford's Ciabatta and enjoying making my own version. I'd like to know what factor influences a bread baker to use a small amount of preferment in one type of bread dough and a very large amount in other types of bread.
Yes, I've had that problem too. Usually happens when the ganache is too cold. Maybe try double dipping or making ganache a bit more firm?
Interesting, I didn't know South american flan had cream cheese in it. I've done the one with condensed milk.
Wendy, sounds like your yeast was dead. What kind did you use?
What about beignets, rice pudding, bread pudding with whiskey sauce, chocolate bourbon becan pie, sweet potato tartlets?
Held at the Rio Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. Is anyone going? Did anyone go to last year's forum?
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