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Oohh, now that sounds interesting!;) As usual, Jeff, Ha!ha!ha!
Never heard of it either. Is it expensive? I'm interested to hear the results.
I understand what you are getting at Wendy---and it is an interesting concept. Complicated, but interesting. Yes, I agree with Momo on finding out what the market wants, if the clubs and caterers really go for the concept. An idea would be to develop your menu into dessert components----the sauces, the garnishes(tuile, curls, candies, etc.), accompaniments(ice-creams, sorbets, etc.) and the actual dessert item. Then maybe you can present to them a plated dessert or they...
Wendy, sounds like this is the opportunity you've been waiting for. I do wish you the best in this endeavor----and am crossing my fingers that it will work out for you. It is good and wise that you'll be "testing the waters" before signing the contract. And I'm glad your husband is in full agreement---I wouldn't do it any other way. Godd luck and let us know how it develops!
Thanks Live-to-cook, for the great site. Very helpful info.
I bought the ribs at Safeway and asked the butcher for St. Louis cut----he said he never heard of it! So I bought pork spareribs and planned to do it myself, but lo and behold, when I opened the packaged ribs, they were St. Louis cut(just like the picture in the article).
Here you go, Isa: 2 full(13 rib) racks pork spareribs kosher salt for sprinkling Chinese Spice rub: 2 T ground coriander 2 T hot chili powder 2 T dark brown sugar 1 T 5-spice powder 1 T ground fennel 1 T kosher salt 1 t dried chile flakes Position a rack in center of oven and to 300F. Sprinkle and press 1/4 cup rub on both sides of each rib rack. Place ribs, meaty side up on a broiling pan or wire roasting rack set over a baking sheet. Lightly season...
Since I have more time on my hands these days, I've been getting back into cooking. The new issue of Fine Cooking magazine has this article on dry-rubbed oven roasted ribs ----so I decided to give it a try. Wow.....they were really good. I tried the Chinese style spareribs. A dry rub of coriander, 5-spice powder, chili, fennel, salt and brown sugar is used; then the ribs are popped in a 300F oven for 2 hours. Oh, they were so tender and yummy. Thumbs up on that recipe!
Here's a recipe from pastrychefcentral: "The formula below, is made over a simmering water bath, and contains more egg yolks then the baked version. Here is the recipe. 1 1/2 cups Heavy Cream 9 Egg Yolks 3 oz. Sugar 1 vanilla bean or vanilla extract. Prepare as you would vanilla sauce. Cool over an ice water bath to thicken. Stirring occasionally." This is used to fill tulip shells, tart shells, etc.
You're actually scooping the cooked creme brulee into the baked shell, right? You could try cooking the creme brulee over a bain marie, stirring until thickened----it will give you a smoother creme brulee meant for your type of application. Do a search, I have seen someone post a recipe.
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