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Don't boil your sugar so high (in temperature).
:eek:And there is the problem!!:eek: mar821 I do commend you for seeking answers to the problem and I am suprised your pastry chef could not identify the faulty refrigerator cabinet as the source of your problem. (I am assuming you asked). I would not be storing any fresh dairy in that fridge, it should be below 40f, above this (50f) is in the "danger zone". My local food regulations stipulate that you have a maximum shelf life of 4 hours when displaying at your current...
Wow Koko, bad experience huh?! It's a big country - where did you work when you were down there?
Hi Fingerlime, Most additions of milk solids come from skim milk powder, or whey powder. What is the application?
I have used an older version of the c119 and it was as good as the carpigiani next to it:smiles:
I vote "goo-barb pie":eek::D or "crusty rhu-berry":lol::eek: (pronounced rooberry) you need anymore suggestions?
My advice would be to start researching in the library to get some basic concepts understood, sketch your design and lay it out, make your templates, run some tests then come back to the forum and ask specific questions if any problems arise. Good luck. Felixe
:)Fair enough!:)
Kyle is right, use dried blueberries. Another problem with frozen blueberries is that it will dramatically alter the temperature of the dough and therefore the fermentation, which of course will affect the proofing time etc. etc.
Listen to your butcher, F dick - you cannot go wrong.:smiles:
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