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We use Kingsford and chunks of whatever wood we want that day.  We tried Cowboy and didn't care for it and also tried the lump but it burned too quickly and heat control was difficult in our older Brinkman offset.
The ABT's we like are jalapenos cut in half lengthwise, seed and remove membranes.  Then stuff with a mixture of cream cheese, pineapple, green onions, and sometimes crab meat.  Wrap with bacon, sprinkle on some Baldy's Rub (my other half's rub mixture for his bbq), and then smoke.  I made 30 on the 4th and they were gone within 15 minutes!  I don't think I could make enough to have leftovers when we're at a party.
Mary, we called those "Copper Pennies" growing up and I made them quite often last summer.  Need to make some very soon!  Thanks for the reminder.  
Pulled pork, potato salad, ABT's, Chocolate Delight (the stuff with instant pudding), and a strawberry pizza were what I made.  Others made green beans with new potatoes, and various fruits and dips.  That was at the campground!
I have purchased that cream corn. Not all of us can get quality fresh corn in quantity to freeze our own in summer. I remove it from the chub and bake it in the oven with butter, salt, and pepper.  It's really good and much more like what I have done myself when fresh corn was available, not like canned cream corn at all.  I am not sure where that product is any different from a store selling frozen beans in a plastic bag.  It's just packed in a tighter package than the...
A pizza restaurant in Indiana would spread peanut butter and jelly over a pizza crust and serve it on their buffet.  That was a hit with the kids! I have used crescent roll dough for this but pizza crust should work, too.  Bake it and then spread with a sweetened cream cheese, top with fresh sliced strawberries, and drizzle with chocolate sauce.   
I don't have a lot of experience with meringue.  The first few times I made a lemon or chocolate meringue pie, my meringue looked beautiful but weeped.  I made a chocolate meringue pie last Sunday.  WHen I put the meringue on the pie, it was beautiful but after I put it in the oven, it collapsed.  This was my first time making a meringue pie in this electric oven so I wasn't sure if it was the oven or if it was humid.  It was a sunny day and I didn't even think to check...
I have a really cheap salad spinner.  I think I might have paid $10 for it at a Kitchen outlet store.  I can't remember the exact name of the store and have no clue what brand of spinner this is.  The bottom has little rectangular holes all the way around the outer diameter.  There is a removable basket that sits off the bottom about half an inch or so.  It works really well.  When I bought it, I had never used a spinner so wasn't sure if it was something I would use. ...
We like the Graber Grills (google for a website).  You can use it as a grill or to hold a pot/pan.  They are adjustable and seem more secure than some of the tripods we have used in the past.  
Ok, my canner only has the one rack.  It holds 7 or 8 quarts, can't remember exactly because I didn't do any canning last summer due to traveling.  It's an older canner but works great. I did try the dishtowel method for boiling water canning in another large pot I have.  It worked but the towel did float a bit.  I am all for doing as much as I can at once.  I try to be frugal and figure every little bit I can do to economize helps!  Thank you!  I look foward to learning...
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