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I love okra!  I am so glad you guys shared your recipes and I look forward to trying them!  My daughter will eat okra fried or sauteed in a little oil.  No one else in my house will touch it unless I put it in vegetable soup where they don't seem to realize they're eating it. :)  I love it in stewed tomatoes.
Chef Billy, I know what you mean.  The same rules apply in this state.  If you don't get the meal, you don't get the milk.  In kindergarten, the state had a program where every child got milk at the half day program.  It's funny how they think it is that important but will not let a child bring a healthier lunch from home and still get the milk.  Guess the workings of bureaucracy are not for me to understand.
I live about 45 miles or so from Fort Wayne, Indiana.  I saw this article ( )  a few days ago about the school lunch issue.  What really jumped out at me was this bit:     [[SPOILER]] I can't understand how that is an issue.  With proper training and common sense, raw products are safe.  Our lunch ladies cooked more like how I cook at home when we were in school.  I don't see why they can't...
You may be right.  The recipe calls for 7 ounces.  It doesn't say anything about breaking it up but shows step-by-step pictures and the picture shows a rough granulated looking substance.  It's not really clear.
I was looking at a cookbook today and ran across a recipe for a sweet cinnamon liqueur.  It calls for "brown rock sugar".  Is this turbinado sugar?  I googled but wasn't completely sure so decided to come ask you guys.   Thanks!
Both of my children have expressed an interest in becoming chefs.  The oldest at 16 is a pretty accomplished cook.  She's not very imaginative but is very good at cooking basic foods from scratch.  She can plan menus, knows how much to cook for the four of us, and follows a recipe (mostly for baking) and verbal directions very well.    My youngest is 10 years old and he is the imaginative cook.  One evening when it was just the two of us, he asked if he could come up...
No!  I have in the past and after it took me months to get a really special one (that I won here on my birthday a few years ago) back, I decided I would not loan another one.  If I have cookbooks that I do not use and do not enjoy reading, then I will give them away.  I really don't care for those books from the 70s with all those jello kinda dishes.  I do not like jello and especially not with stuff in it. lol
For a long time, I planned out a menu that covered 3 meals per day, poured over the local store ads  while doing it to take advantage of loss leaders, and stuck pretty closely to the menu.  I got out of that habit and spending spiraled as did trips to the grocery store.  Now I am going to get back into it.  Not only did it help with spending but by planning ahead, I was better able to balance out what we eat nutritionally and I lost weight.  I have to get back into that...
I rarely ever use sage and if I do, it's a tiny amount.  I can't stand the smell or the taste in large quantity. (Funny Koukou, I love cilantro but sage makes me nauseous.)I use marjoram occasionally.I love dill.  I like to put it in hamburgers, in dips, and salads.I don't know that I've ever had tarragon.
I would use vegetable oil or Crisco.  I use a gas stove and have my temp between 6-8 on the dial.  I judge by how the chicken sounds and looks when cooking.  Hard to explain but it comes with experience.HTH!
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