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Adobado pork over rice with sour onions (cebollas curtidas), guacomole, and a romaine/tomato salad.
Depends on my mood and what I'm cooking.  Yesterday when making the bit pots of chili and spaghetti sauce, I minced because I was a chopping fool. lol  Other times, I'll pull out the press.
I ended up with:1 gallon meaty tomato sauce for freezer1 large pan of lasagna1 small pan of lasagna1 2 lb meat loaf1 gallon of meatballs1 large pot of chili (found enough ingredients in the pantry)and 1 lb leftover to use tomorrow
This meat was already frozen and then thawed because the freezer was unplugged.  I think it will lose quality if I freeze it raw again but thanks for the suggestion!  I do that when I buy a lot of fresh meat and especially if we're going camping.  It works great to throw in the cooler frozen and cook a day or two later after it thaws.
We did have burgers for dinner last night so used 1.5 lbs (still have 12 lbs today) for those. I have never frozen a cooked burger so wasn't sure how well that would work.  Do they taste ok after being frozen?
My BIL is out of town and his daughter discovered the freezer was unplugged.  I don't know how much ground beef was in the freezer from a couple of cows they had processed but only part of it was still frozen.  That was put in another freezer and I gave away some but still have 12 lbs to cook today.My game plan is to make a big pot of meaty tomato sauce and turn that into lasagna, baked ziti, and put a few containers up for spaghetti later.  I'm also going to make some...
Make up some cornbread batter and while the oven is preheating, put a tablespoon or two into the skillet and put it in the oven.  Then when the preheat is done, pour the batter into the hot skillet.  It gives a beautiful crust and wonderful flavor!I save it in the refrigerator and use it whenever the whim strikes me.
DC, I completely agree!  Our lives get busy and sometimes we have to compromise but I try to make quick meals or use the slow cooker on those days.I have kids who beg to eat at my house.  It's funny because when I tell them what I'm making, sometimes they only like one dish but want to eat because it's "homecooked".  I find that sad!  I hear people say their kids are picky but when you get to know them and because I love food and cooking, I ask what's for dinner, their...
I fry chicken like my mother and grandmother.  I season the chicken, then dredge in flour. I fry in oil (canola usually) in a deep cast iron skillet.  I don't use a thermometer in the oil. I sprinkle a tiny bit of water in when I start the oil heating and when it stops "singing", I know the oil is hot enough.  The oil should be hot enough so you hear the chicken cooking but not too hot so it starts to burn.  Hard to explain and it's more something to be learned by doing...
Every now and then we do the frozen chicken nuggets and fries.  It takes just as long to preheat the oven and cook that junk as it does for me to cook a meal.  I used to come home from work and whip together meals in 30 minutes to an hour and that was before I considered myself to have any real cooking skills.  It is doable but the desire has to be there.  Too many people are intimidated, for whatever reason, to get in the kitchen and put forth the effort.  Then you have...
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