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I really feel like a small town hick now.  I had never heard of that place before and have NEVER eaten anything so beautiful. I think I would feel bad destroying those beautiful creations!  I watch the shows on tv or look at pictures of plated foods online and that's as close as I have ever come.  Looks like a nice time Nicko.  Thank you for sharing your evening with us.
Yep, roast it and then freeze to use later. I like to make a big pot at once and rarely ever cook more than one chicken. I don't buy a chicken or chicken parts just for stock. I don't ever even see parts for sale around here. I just store them in a freezer bag until I have several carcasses and proceed to make stock. I roast in the oven. The crock pot is just for making the stock.....gentle simmer, no boil, and I don't have to tend to it so can go on about my other...
No one in my immediate family has gotten sick from chicken that I know of but I am careful to wash up everything after prep. My niece (4 years old) was very sick a few months ago after a church dinner. The doctor tested and said she had salmonella poisoning. From what I hear, she was a very sick little girl.
If you don't want to make the broth right away, why not just roast the rest of the chicken and freeze? When I roast a chicken, I store the carcass in the freezer until I have several. Then I pull them out and put in the big crock pot with water for around 24 hours on low. I do skim occasionally. I get a beautiful gelatinous consistency every time. I don't add vegetables to mine. I tried it and just didn't like it.
I "loved" mine so much that I gave it to a friend to put in their yardsale. The first year, it was great. Then, every loaf I tried to bake would collapse in the middle and it would vibrate horribly no matter what I did. I used it for kneading and rising pizza dough a few times but then decided I'd rather just get my hands dirty and do it myself.
When we have pulled pork off the smoker, I like to just use a softened corn tortilla, some pork, bbq sauce, cheese, and a little cole slaw. I think caramelized onions would be really good and maybe some roasted red peppers, too.
Yes, you're forgiven! :)
Yes, I did see your post and if you read above, you will see that I was repeating what I was told by a country sewage worker in reply to a response from Siduri. Grease is an issue they face and in response to your opinions, I really believe if it was something as simple and inexpensive as flushing vinegar through the pipes, they would have gone that route instead of the one they chose.
The guy did say they tried detergents...something like Dawn and it did not work to keep the system cleaned out, but not sure how it would have worked if it was mixed with the grease initially. I don't really know a lot about this, just what the country sewage worker told me.
There is a county sewage pump station in the corner of my front yard. A couple of summers ago, I was seeing the guys working on it several times a week which is unusual. Finally, I asked one of the guys if something was wrong (sure didn't want raw sewage backing up in my yard!) and he said they had been having issues with grease in the sewage system. It wasn't causing problems at the one here but was making the station about 3 miles away clog up and not run properly. ...
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