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Thank you for the warm welcome! I have really been enjoying reading everyone's questions and answers. There is so much to learn and so many ways to prepare great food!
I love pineapple or banana sandwiches. Just put slices between two pieces of ww bread slathered with Kraft mayo! I grew up eating that. I also love gouda cheese on chocolate chip cookies! Yes, I eat strange to some people but it works for me and I'm always adventurous enough to try other people's strange foods.
Thanks for the link! I checked out Indiana and I actually live under an hour to about 2 hours from most of the places listed. I'd love to go tour The South Bend Chocolate Factory! YUMMY! I have been to one factory that wasn't listed there, "Four Seasons Manufactured Housing" which is very similar to going to the rv/camper factories. I was assistant manager of a manufactured housing dealership once upon a time and took customers on tours to see how the homes are built....
Hi, I am Allie, a 32 year old stay at home mom of two kids. I have been browsing the forum for about a week now unregistered after seeing a link on a different site by a member here. I have seen quite a lot of really helpful techniques and since cooking is a hobby of mine decided to join. Mealtime is an adventure around here since my family never knows what wacky combination mom will try next. I've really started playing with different spices and combinations over the...
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