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I'm talking about front and back of the house.........ok or not??
How's everyone doing?? Good?? Well I hope so. Anyway, I currently live in Los Angeles, California and I was thinking about moving to Las Vegas to work. I have two and a half years in the industry and about two months out of school. I hear line cook wages are high over there if you join the union, and I feel that work experience in Las Vegas would be a good resume builder due to the high volume and the high standard of quality that must be maintained. I don't want to work...
Just for the sake of knowing, can you tell me why not LCB?
So I'm near the end of my culinary training at school (about three weeks to go). I will only recieve a certificate of completion from the school and I'm already am a CC by the ACF. I have about 2 years working experience in the industry and only about three months ago I started working for a fine dining restaurant in a hotel on the beautiful Sunset Strip in Los Angeles CA. I know for sure that I'm going to continue my education once I finish culinary school, but I don't...
I love the rush on the line and I love doing prep. I especially like slicing mushrooms for some reason, it's just one of those things
ummm.... it really depends on what your plating on how to present it. Try to give the dish height, and always focus all of the ingredients towards one focal point on the plate. Use ring molds, squeeze bottles for sauces.
Domestic Goddess, If you don't knock it off with those Rachael Ray like recipes. You have just insulted everyone in the restaurant business by posting that thread full of bull**** recipes. Bouillion cubes??? WTF. We make stocks and sauces all from scratch, Beans that are used are usually fresh, bahhh
Probably because he's a kiss ***
There are many reasons that the sauce seperated. What I can think of is maybe you didn't have the right amount of roux to the total amount of bechamel and cheese combined. You can put cheddar sauce on steamed brocolli, also if you like nachos cut the amount of cheddar by 1/4 and substitute with pepper jack cheese for a nacho cheese sauce.
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