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I make a banana cream pie without bananas and without cream, and i make the crust with bread dough. 
Well, FF, obviously it's a great labor saver.  Saves all that time deboning them.   Just use them as you would ordinary deboned bananas, duh!
I didn't mean NO sugar, just that too much can contribute to too easy browning.  Always a little sugar, always some salt (usually more salt than modern recipes seem to indicate).  Always butter (for pancakes) I had noticed KK that you had used a pumpkin pancake mix?  pumpkin is sweet and probably the mix has more sugar than usual, so you've got to watch the temp of the pan even more.    I've taken pancake recipes from practically every reasonable and well-established...
Koukou i've been away one day and here is a long thread just started that i completely missed!   MY diagnosis (you should trust me after making a successful cake, right?):  the temperature and fat - as so many have said.    Do you have a nice thick pan or griddle to do them in?  It should be nice and thick.  I prefer cast iron or cast aluminum.  Put the heat on and let it heat up while you mix the batter.  Every once in a while DROP A DROP OF WATER ON THE SURFACE. ...
I thought it was meant to be eaten.  I don;t like the rind of taleggio, and remove it.  But sometimes when brie is old the rind has that weird feel in the mouth, like banana peels
 do you really take off the crust of brie, jo? 
I make tiramisu' in a completely invented and totally heretical way of my own, which is both fluffy and lighter, with no raw eggs.  Basically i make italian meringue (egg whites beaten stiff, with soft ball temperature sugar syrup beaten in) - fold into mascarpone, NO liqueur (takes away from the flavor for me) ladyfingers soaked in espresso and either a generous layer of cocoa powder or grated 70% chocolate on top Italian meringue is one of the most useful ingredients...
I was thinking the same thing myself, koko, and though part of the enjoyment of these forums is to see where they go, if someone asks a question, they do need an answer.
yeah, it's funny, ff.  It's like when you learn a new word and suddenly it appears all over the place! 
Bubbamom, the question is not just making it soft, but keeping it without crystals.  Taking it out of the freezer will soften the part you don't eat, which then going back into the freezer will be sort of ruined.  To SOFTEN ice cream, though, i put it in the dish, put it in the microwave at the lowest setting (90 watts) and turn it on for five seconds.  Perfect! For preventing crystals, the italian meringue is excellent. 
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