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   I'll have to remember that one teamfat!
 You can bet that every country's cuisine is mainly based on some grain staple in the form of bread, porridge, boiled grain, soup, whatever or other starchy ingredient lke potatoes.  The idea of a meal without bread (or rice, or polenta, or potatoes etc) is inconceivable in most countries, most cultures.  The idea of a meal of just a salad, or just meat and vegetables, without bread (or rice or...) is weird.  The idea of a meal based on almost exclusively the staple grain...
Some first courses Soups: escarole soup, lentil soup over garlic rubbed toasted rustic bread, pasta e ceci, pasta e fagioli, one of many minestroni, black ribollita (beans and black cabbage), zuppa di zucca, zuppa di farro, zuppa di pesce, pesto etc pastas:amatriciana, carbonara, pummarola, aglio olio, cauliflower, zucchine, fish sauces, pasta al caprese, etc etc etc polenta, gnocchi di ricotta, gnocchi di patate, gnocchi di zucca, gnocchi alla romana (made with cream...
ah, ok.  makes sense - science food (actually, technology food - or engineering food - otherwise my scientist friends will be offended)
ok, that isn't the intuitive kind if explanation i had hoped for with its falling out and entraining but i will ponder on it.  In any case, it seems to me that there is so little water in the butter here that i have a hard time believing it can make that much difference in a one layer 9 inch cake.   Thanks - i'll look up entraining and all that
I don;t have either book, unfortunately. However, when i fold in melted butter, i always am sure to cool it first.  So i doubt it will cook the eggs (anyway, what i'm talking about is at the VERY END of the mixing, where flour,sugar, eggs, liquid, etc, are all in there, then at the very last step, i fold in the softened mayonnaise-consistency butter instead of the melted cooled butter.  My impression (which may be wishful thinking, i don't know, it's not like i make two...
what is sth?  if you can give some idea of just what kind of stuff you like i can give you plenty of recipes, as so many others here can.  Are you looking for a real italian-style meal?  then you need a first course (pasta or soup), a second course (main dish and vegetable - much more vegetable than meat generally), a fruit course and cheese and/or desert What sorts of italian dishes do you like? 
Ahem - can anyone answer the actual question?  the difference between adding melted butter and adding room temp butter as the last ingredient in a cake or quick bread. 
is this addressed only at US residents?
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