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Speaking as an HR professional as well, the real answer is "it depends." Consider the following thoughts: 1) High end establishments are very "look conscious" A suit and tie and coming prepared with: "oh, please give me a few moments to change as I have my whites in my car" is a very positive 'best of both worlds' assuming that they asked you to prepare something. 2) Do you think when a doctor goes on an interview he / she shows up in scrubs? 3) Auditions work...
What about a creamy pink peppercorn sauce? I think young girls I always think pink. This will stand well and would be simple, just make sure it's pink! Another option would be a sundried tomato butter -- again, go for pink!
Love your simplicity -- ever try a mushroom consume? Clear veggie stock with HEAVY mushroom flavors (criminis work well) Add heart shaped carrot cuts to make very romantic. Make it delicious!
My favorite thing to do is figure out how to do things differently... use a soup mix as a marinade? Make a sauce from leftovers, or just light candles while enjoying ice cream!!
Try Ginger Beer or just "club soda" Mr Delicious
Hello Everyone! It think everyone makes a good point; however, everyone seems to forget the patron saint of everything we do -- and -- her message.... EAT WHATEVER YOU WANT... EAT THE DELCIOUS FOOD ... AND EAT! Julia Child alwasy said, eat, but in small portions. Fat is important in any diet, but if you eat two slices of wonderful bacon, not two pounds the impact on your life/body will be significantly different. Do you know why some people slice hamburgers in...
Good idea... but the #1 IS Julia's mastering the art of French cooking... everything else is #2...
That's what it's all about.... I'm so hungy for that folded, hot, and gooey pizza... with little burnd black dots on the bottom!! Folded ... the only way... Yum...
Try this... Take Chicken... dredge in flour Brown in butter (what else?) xfr to crock pot add cream of mushroom soup chicken stock 1 pkg ranch dressing cook 'till almost done add CAN of artichoke hearts cook till done through serve on noodles Yummy... and delicious!
Add Cinnamon
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