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Anyone know of vendors for food merchandiser or food warmers? To kick off my business, I am setting up a booth at our local Farmer's Market ... sort of an on-the-spot tasting and company promotion idea I had! :lips: This will help me make some money while waiting for those elusive catering jobs to come in and will also assist me in promoting the business. However, due to Health Department regulations, I will need food warmers/merchandisers, hand wash stations,...
Hello everyone! I've just started my own catering business and even with all the research I did before I got started, I'm finding there is still a LOT that I don't know. Does anyone know of any "free" resources to assist with getting my new venture off the ground? (i.e., insurance, permits, licenses, grants, etc). Any information will be greatly appreciated. Thanks all and God Bless!
I would be interested in testing your software. I have been researching this type of software and have not found one that really works for a small home-based catering business.
Hello Everyone! I'm a new caterer with lots of questions.
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