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Italian... :lips:... just love it!
Hello! Are you a French chef?... anyway keep up the good work!
thank you for replying :D
Welcome to Cheftalk! Chef Soup :chef:
Is there a good, inspiring chef's book out there?.. Real life of a chef.. its not always glamorous like what we perceive on tv.. right?..
I really want to study culinary arts but its really way to expensive for me. I'm already working and my salary isn't enough for me to enroll in the culinary schools here. All of them are above 100 thousand plus.. :( I'm kinda disappointed.. it means that only rich people can study culinary arts.. it shouldnt be like that since I know some of the best chefs are really not that rich when they started or they didn't come from a well-to-do family..
ah ganun... ba. Ako first choice ko culinary arts. Pero kase fundamentals lang yun basic. Cge kung January maybe I'll take that course or pag naliwanagan pa ako baka I'll resign and apply for that diploma course...
I visited AHA website just now. Comparing the prices of culinary schools eto ang pinaka cheap. 200 thou... Cguro isip pa akong mabuti. You know I can enroll na sa fundamentals. Pero ayoko naman magmadali. Talaga? sa Jan. na ang Fundamentals akala ko this November start... Ok kase every Sat. lang. Yun din choice mo eh di baka magiging mag classmate tayo.:D Pati scholarships nga nag post ako dito... Si Chef Hans(ISCAHM) he's also a forumer here before...
Could anyone recommend a good book that will help a future culinary arts student like me. I want to buy and read them in advance thanks.
Yeah, lucky that Chef Rocco graced the town recently. I've saved some articles from the newspaper about him. I heard he's voted as one of the sexiest males.. I forgot the name of the mag. Anyway lucky for you too! Some culinary schools around here... ISCAHM in Katipunan Quezon city AHA (American Hospitality Academy in Makati) AICA (in Ortigas) and CCA Manila in katipunan... search the net I'm not allowed to posts the link. Follow your heart!
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