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well at least somebody's cheese coagulated today!
I will try it, although I have already invested enough money in the cream, I might just add the slurry to the existing batch. If it comes out at any time... it is really great to be able to make your own!
I did bring it to 180, tried the lemon juice, did not make a slurry, the direction did not say to make a slurry.
can SOMEBODY tell me what I am doing wrong? I am trying to make mascarpone cheese. I did everything it said to do. Heavy cream.... heat to 180, and then add 1/2 tsp tartaric acid! It says it is supposed to curdle/coagulate, and it is not. I have added more TA, and still ...nothing. What am I doing wrong?
Thanks for your replies. I would too have prepared just before serving, and I did suggest a shot of lemon juice in the water..... but.... oh well, we will see. I say they will be a soggy yucky mess.
Going to make a canape for passed service . The topping of the canape is Matchstick cut granny smith apples. The prep is being done the day before, the apples were cored ( browned in seconds).then sliced on the mandoline, and then were put in a Bain with water! Then cut into matchstick, and put into another container with more water! what state will those apples be in when they are ready to go onto the canape? ahhhhhh. How would someone else have done it?
Try Holly Hill Inn and Gratz park park Inn. Two exceptional hotel/restaurants.
Oh sorry, there are 50 to start. Yes we are supplying rentals, one table, with linen ( cheese display). Glassware. cocktail napkins and no plates or forks. All bites. the number could increase. The problem is they gave us less than a weeks notice! I hate to turn biz away, so I took the job somewhat to the dismay of my partner. Staff I am working on, 2 servers, one exec chef, and two prep. Thanks for your help!
the event is for two hours. comings and goings?
another catering question. How do you know how much to charge per head for passed hor's douvres, as meal 2hours ( 5 types) one beef, one chicken, passed dessert bites, and cheese board ( 6-7 LBS)+fruit display i.e. kiwi, grapes, pomegranates. Must you calculate your food costs, and of course labor is a seperate charge Help. I say about $20 a head ( southeast US.) + labor Suggestions?
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