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Hotel Hershey- Me and my girlfriend and the tab was $180 after her 20% discount (shes the garde manger there) Delicious and perfect in both food and service. The maƮtre d', Sous Chef, and Executive Chef all came to the table to say hello and ask if we are enjoying the meal. The sous chef prepared us a suprise middle course of micro greens and duck proscuitto iirc. Awesome.
Understand EVERYTHING and well. A good way to become sous chef would be by being an extraordinary round cook :) Think about it--if the sous chef isnt around or the exec for one reason and you need to know something quick who could help you the best? Probably a round cook in most normal cases.
It's all about the Exec, man. Start talking to people (cooks) in the area and find out what places are good to work for and which execs know their ****. If you talk around, there are probably a few people who can tell you about almost every place in the area from experience because they've been working in the area that long.
I was totally confused as to what she was saying when she says "EVOO" until you just typed it. At first I thought she was just trying to say it in italian and doing it very incorrectly. Then I was just confused. Me and my girlfriend have had 5 minute discussion on wtf she's saying and why. mmm mmm... And I can't wait for Nigella's show Favoroite Rachael Rey Quote? "YUM OH!"
Hi. I like to collect vintage knives and was wonder if anyone knows a good place to get them besides ebay.
Drug and Alcohol usage all depend on the person and the amount. I can come into work high and work circles around most of the people I work with and same when it comes to a couple drinks. But it's all about moderation. I can work just as well buzzed but if I'm drunk I get sloppy. A couple drinks just takes away the edge... any more in my case just impairs me. Some people on the other hand would drop the ball with a buzz or when high -- it depends on the person
Hi, I'm new to the forum but not new to cooking. My dad introduced me to a French knife and proper technique in and around 8 years old. He is a graduate of CIA and I will be starting at CIA with my girlfriend January 3rd. Right now me and my girlfriend live in Hershey PA. I work as a kitchen supervisor / line cook / manage consessions in Giant Center's Club Lounge (the slightly more expensive seats that are not suites lol) while my g/f works as the Garde Manger at Hotel...
Wow, Weird. I live in PA and work for HERCO (Hershey Corperation). So where are you working in PA?
I just recieved my start date for CIA and can not be more excited. My dad graduated from CIA in '79 so he is also excited. I am new to this board and am curious what current CIA students think of it.
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