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Have your teeth pulled...how prophetic. Monday night I bit into a baquette and a molar exploded. I'm looking at a minimum of a crown, we don't know about the root canal. One of my worst adult nightmares come true.
There's a recipe in the Balthazar cookbook for a jus made strictly with chicken wings that sounds succulent. I have yet to decide whether or not to have chicken wings as one of my manly snacks for the Super Bowl tomorrow. We live a couple of towns away from Gillette Stadium and this is real bluecollar Patriots fan country. I'm not a rabid fan, but after following the Red Sox for a long time, one yearns for championships and real men, not wimps (25 players, 25 cabs) and...
Schokinag is also pretty good.
Anybody read Escoffier anymore?
Without knowing what you actually did, if I were going to make a meringue vol au vent, I would make a heavy meringue, 2 sugar to 1 whites, warm all the whites with half the sugar, then whip it while drizzling in the rest of the sugar, fold in the almond extract and then..and this is key, pipe a base and several rings and bake them at about 300 degrees till almost done. Then, using a little bit of meringue I had held back, I would glue and stack the rings onto the base and...
Go into the bakery at your local Whole Foods. They use it. Purity from Taylor and Sands.
I've said it before in public, and there's no shame in it....as far as creativity goes, I have good technical skills. Which means I can take your idea, reproduce it in my kitchen, and take credit for it. Like the old HBO commercial..the guy in the airport who keeps getting asked, don't you make movies for HBO? And he finally says., yes, yes I do. Did I invent Entrecote Bordelaise? Yes, yes I did.
I read about the movies all the time, but I don't really like going. We have one of those 14 screen jimmies next to where I work, but the crunching, the rustling, the talking, the squirming, the horror. And the surround sound experience is something I can live without. I have almost made up my mind not to bother with The Return, after all I blew off the last Star War's drivel. My taste runs more to movies that make you think. I could be trapped in an Eric Rohmer endless...
Jock has a point, but if you want to do this, you need to be a little conversant with baker's percentages, and work backwards from the final dough. You probably are going to need the firm starter to be anywhere from 30 to 90% of the weight of the flour in the dough. And the firm starter is going to be roughly equal amounts of refreshed sourdough starter and flour. Get a copy of Crust and Crumb. Reinhart changed the percentages he uses when he wrote The Apprentice, but I...
I would toss it and start over. If it's made with commercial yeast it's not the proper environment time and temperature wise to have turned itself into a sourdough starter. Most baking books would tell you that you can keep a biga for two to three days, tops.
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