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Professor Dumbledor is the head guy at Hogwarts in Harry Potter. It's apparently also a real word, but I love it when an author is possibly paying homage to another auther in such an obscure way. LOTR is out there, but who reads The Adventures of Tom Bombadil?
I've been putting off seeing The Return of The King because I almost just don't care, but I picked up the book for umpteenth time and have been browsing in my massive library looking at this and that and there, in a first edition paperback printing of the Tolkien Reader, in The Adventures of Tom Bombadil, occurs the name "Dumbledor..." "He battled with the Dumbledors, the Hummerhorns, and Honeybees and won the Golden Honeycomb;" and running home on...
Remember The Rasta Chef on this show called Friday's? Too ridiculous. Him and the pharmacist who kept saying, I can handle it, I can handle it.
Can you smoke it?.........
When I worked at a country club we had staff meals at 10:45 am and 4 pm. Period. If you didn't like it, bring your own. No one did, as the chow was pretty good. The kitchen fed all the wait staff, the cooks, the office help and the grounds crew. System worked pretty well.
We buy Ginger People stuff all the time. I just found ginger in syrup, which was on the dessert menu of a restaraunt I worked at years ago. We served several lumps of it softly dropped into creme chantilly. It came in honest-to-god ginger jars, one of which sits on my bureau, except now it has my father's ashes in it. I made a steamed persimmon pudding for a coworker for christmas that had Ginger People ginger in it.
On the other hand, one of the old timers at a baking supply place we used to buy from, Walter from JAR in Lincoln RI if anybody knows him, told me that a 50 lb bag of flour can vary by as much as 15% due to moisture in the flour. That's quite a bit I think, and will definitely throw a formula off, expecially if you're emptying that whole bag into the 80 qt Hobart. That means every pound you measure out will weigh 18.4 oz. But every pound you scale out will weigh a pound....
Partings are a piece of the picture in life and relationships. It's happened to all of us, at every stage of life, young, old, first love, long marriage, college girlfriend, first live-in partner, you name it. Acknowledge the sadness, and keep living. You will survive and prosper, and love again, maybe many times. She has apparently chosen a path away from you, but it doesn't lessen you as a person. You have just crossed the threshold of adult life and already have much...
If the recipe also has baking soda, you just made baking powder. The best snickerdoodle recipe I've found is in The All-American Cookie Book by Nancy Baggett.
And you can always blot the too-rare sendbacks with a filthy kitchen schmutta (sp?) and squeeze the too-mediums to get the last few drops of blood out, and then drizzle the juice from the pickled crabapple slices over it. And, if you open the oven door when you need that last rib, and it's as cold as death in there, you can put the whole rib into the fryolator.
New Posts  All Forums: