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There's a recipe in one of Jean George Vongerichten (sp?) books for a cumin crisp that is real easy to make, but very fragile. You also need silpats. I don't have any of his books, but may have it somewhere as I used it a lot.
I don't know...I routinely core apples with a v cut while holding them in the palm of my hand. But I hike way up on the blade of an appropriately sized paring knife, not a 10" Henckel. But having seen cuts to the bone with a serrated bread knife, no, I don't hold a bagel that way. I used to think it was fun to speed slice mushrooms with a boning knife while badly hungover, but a miss is guaranteed to raise a skin flap on the holding hand. I spent much time in bandages...
Look at the box of Glad wrap that has the piece of cherry pie on it. That's what I want, only with gay little white puffy angel wings.
I feel like Uncle Leo--"I'm an old man. I'm confused...." I went back and looked at the book. The suet crust goes on the steak and kidney pudding, (i their version) and the raised crust was on a ham and veal pie with hardboiled eggs and pickled walnuts. I'm dying to make a Christmas pudding, but the suet thing now really has me confused. What if I got fresh suet and zipped it up in the processer with some of the sugar?
What green jumpy guy---Gumby?
1 oz fresh times .4 is active dry 1 oz fresh times .33 is instant
You're never going to wind up with the same thing, no matter what you mix. Flours of different types are milled from different types of wheat. Hard red spring, soft winter, whatever. AP flour is a blend anyway. Choke down the 6 bucks the two cost, and just get the ap. I would never use pastry flour for pie dough anyway, because I think it's too soft.
I was walking home from junior high and sort of heard the kids behind me say something. It was on the tv when I got home. On the Monday he was buried, two friends and I rode our bikes, at age 13 without telling anyone, the 30 something miles to Boston, I don't know why. We got so tired, going up Heartbreak Hill the opposite way, we couldn't make it all the way home and had to be rescued in Sherborn, which is so rich it looks now like it did then. I saved a lot of...
Sunflower Wheat sponge h20 9.10 lb honey 5.5 lb yeast .60 lb fresh sunflower seeds 4.6 lb whole wheat 18.00 lb 1 min 1st, 4 min 2nd on a 4 speed mixer sponge time 3 hours sponge temp 75 dough h20 2.8 lb yeast .3 lb fresh salt .55 lb whole wheat flour 4.00 lb 1 min 1st, 6 min 2nd on a 4 speed mixer Let rest 25 min, take to bench for scaling and shaping. No rest needed after scaling. Proof at 95 degrees/85% humidity. Bake at 325 till it temps 170...
I would buy a bag of all purpose flour and not sweat the small stuff. A deft hand with the dough, or batter, and you should be allright. The chemical smell of cake flour makes me gag anyway.
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