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Try The Gormenghast trilogy by Mervyn Peake. It was dramatized by the BBC a little while ago and that prompted me to pick up the book which I have had for almost thirty years without ever opening it. I got so hooked on Tolkien as a teenager I went and bought every trilogy I could find, thinking they'd be as good. No world ever dreamed up by any author comes close to Middle Earth, as far as I'm concerned. In spite of what critics say about the actual literary value of Harry...
Has anybody else had a spin through this, other than the thread about the lye? That particular recipe yields 14 oz of dough, which you are then instructed to cut into 12 pieces, then into 4 each, then into 3 each, giving you 144 pieces of dough weighing, I guess by some unknown Rose factor, 1.3 oz each. Huh? And then the reason I bought the thing, the rye bread, calls for rye flour in the sponge, which you let sit and bubble happily on the counter while you prepare the...
Signage is a continual aggravation where I work, America's largest earthy crunchy food retailer. We're constantly losing them as they are not securely fastened to say the bagel baskets, and we find that the information on them is wrong about half the time. We have a full time sign maker who is busy all day, every day.
Look also for a company called Hubert. It sells merchandising aids to retail stores.
It was dense and chewy. I thought it was a wrong texture. The finished item felt heavy for it's size. The dark brown outside was delicious, but the inside, I don't know.
Well, how bout that? As Burma Jones used to say,"Whoa! Intimidatia."
I made this item last night from Herme's expensive book. I drizzled the sugar onto the dough as I made the turns. The only change I made was giving it 4 turns as any recipe I found on the web called for that. The sugar melted in the reefer and the dough was very wet with that syrup when I would take it out to turn. So the dough tore somewhat when rolled. I cut it in half, rolled half into a large square and then folded the corners to the middle twice per the recipe,...
That's the info I was looking for. Thanks. Now I have to drag out the dial caliper, measure the pen nib, and set the lines 5 nib widths apart. Every book I've got on calligraphy shows how to do this with just making little lines with the pen, but it's so much easier to complicate things.
Does anybody know what the cell measurements are in Excel? If you put the arrow on the line dividing two lines, a box opens that says 12.75 17 pixels. what is the 12.75 measurement? Millimeters? I have to print out a template for a calligraphy project and I thought this would be an easy way to get the line spacing I need. I can't find any command to change measurements anywhere.
"Syrup alone cooked that hot will be like glass, clear and brittle." see above
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