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Dear all, I work as a chef in a production kitchen preparing snack filling for retail outlets. Most of these filling using cooked chicken meat imported from Thailand. Estimated usage 400 to 600 kg of cooked chicken meat. They are de-bone, portion into bite size, cooked and freeze before imported to us.Before they are packed in Thailand, this chicken go throught the x-ray to detect any bone fragrant, plastic or hair. I do not know their de-boning and cleaning process....
Hi chefs and educators, What will happens to others food when the food we cooked is still hot and is being put into the chiller?   Thanks and regards, metta 
Hi steven,   Could you share the different marinades for chicken/pork/beef/lamb and seafood and why are certain herbs and spices used? Many thanks.     Cookwithlove
Hi fellow chefs and food enthusiasts, I need some ideas on variations of sandwiches using PITA BREAD, could anyone share his/her experiences using pita bread. Thanks you very much.
Chef Ray, couple of questions wish to clarify with you. Can I use white cannellini bean instead, for sausage you slice it or dice it and lastly I use green pea instead of sweet pea?
Many thanks Chef Ray and Paul Green for kindly shared their knowledge. Take care and best wishes.
Anyone can share a good recipe of Cajun seasoning mix foe multi purpose uses? Thanks
Hi learned chefs, Could anyone kindly share a recipe for paella or Jambalaya rice? Thanks Cookwithlove
Great Chefs! thanks you very much.
Hi, I liked this vegetarian dish, any french speaking chef could you kindly translate into english for me. Here it goes: Robe de Champs Multicolore "Arlequin" Carotte jaune du Doubs, rutabaga jaune champion, betterave tonda di chiogga. Thanks you
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